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Geometry – Erlin Fall 2012
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TRI (Triangles) Unit
Define and classify triangles by sides and angles.
Fill in the missing statements/reasons in a 2 column proof of the Triangle
Angle Sum Theorem.
Given two angles of a triangle, find the third. Given algebraic expressions
for the three angles in a triangle, solve for x and find the measure of each
Be able to provide the steps necessary to write a Proof by Contradiction.
State the corollaries to the Triangle Angle Sum Theorem
a) In a triangle, no more than one angle can be greater than or equal to 90
degrees. (this is a proof by contradiction).
b) In a right triangle, the two non-right angles are complementary.
c) If two angles of one triangle are congruent to two angles of another,
then the third angles are also congruent.
State and apply the Remote Interior Angles Theorem. Solve problems,
given exterior and remote interior angles, using algebra.
Define polygon congruence.
Given two polygons, determine if they are congruent.
Given two congruent polygons (especially triangles), write polygon
congruence statement and identify congruent corresponding parts.
Use SSS, SAS, ASA, AAS, RHL to determine if 2 triangles are congruent.
Write two column proofs to establish simple triangle congruence.
Write flow proofs establishing congruence of triangles.
Write two column or flow proofs for more complicated triangle congruence
(including Reflexive, Symmetric, Parallel Lines, Vertical Angles, CPCTC,
Prove Isosceles Triangle Theorem in each of four ways: Given an isosceles
triangle and ONE of the following: altitude, angle bisector or median, prove
that base angles are congruent.
Prove the Converse of the Isosceles Triangle Theorem.
Apply the concepts of Isosceles Triangle Theorem and its Converse in
solving algebraic equations.
Given a triangle and designated parts, construct significant segments.
a) Given a triangle and a designated vertex, construct the median.
b) Given a triangle and a designated vertex, construct the altitude.
c) Given a triangle and a designated vertex, construct the angle bisector.
d) Given a triangle & a designated side, construct perpendicular bisector.
TRI 99
Solve problems you haven’t seen before, using analysis and synthesis of the
information learned so far.
Use Triangle Inequality Theorem to determine if three given sides form a
triangle. Also be able to determine the range of values for a third side,
given the other two.
Given two angles in a scalene triangle, list the triangle’s side lengths in
descending order and vice versa.
TriAgain50 Given a triangle construct the Centroid. Describe its significance.
TriAgain51 Given a triangle construct the Incenter. Demonstrate its significance.
TriAgain52 Given a triangle construct the Circumcenter. Demonstrate its significance.
Assignment #20: TRI 01, 02 p. 173 #5-7; p. 114 #34-37 & worksheet
& sketch a scalene, acute, obtuse, right, isosceles Triangle