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The purpose of this course is to trace history from the development of the earliest civilization to the
present century. Special emphasis is given to western civilization for its importance to the development
of the United States of America. It is the intention that the students will achieve a better understanding
of the world today by studying the events of the past. Our class will include the study of world religions,
globalization, world organizations, terrorism, disease, and how all those factors impact current conflicts
and crisis in the various regions of the world.
Class Expectations
Always be…
Be in your seat when the bell rings.
Wait for teacher dismissal before leaving class, the bell does not dismiss you.
Bring all supplies: textbook, pen/pencils, paper, notebook.
Take care of all personal needs before class.
Raise your hand and wait to be recognized to speak, get up, or leave the room.
Respect yourself, other students, and the teacher.
Follow teacher instruction without comment, first time given.
Stay on assigned task.
If the expectations are not met…
1. Verbal warning
2. Student-teacher conference
3. Parent contact
4. Referral to assistant principal
Required Supplies
Red Pen
Loose Leaf Paper
Pen (black)
5 Subject Spiral
24 box Colored Map Pencils (this guarantees you have them)
Black Sharpie Pen (fine tip)
Study Units:
1st 9 Weeks - Early Civilizations, Classical Civilizations; The Spread of Christianity and Islam
2nd 9 Weeks – Post-Classical Period and The Middle Ages; The Renaissance and Reformation
3rd 9 Weeks – Connecting Hemispheres; Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment; Industrial Revolution; An Age
of Revolutions; Global Imperialism
4 9 Weeks – WWI; WWII; Cold War; Challenges of the Modern World
The World History classes use the World History by McGraw Hill. An online book
Grading Procedures
Major Grades = 50% (Tests, Projects, Essays, Spiral)
Daily Grades = 50% (Homework assignments, Daily activities, Notes, Quizzes)
All assignments, announcements and other communication concerning class activities will be made three ways.
1. In class-I will communicate to each class
2. Remind 101- Each student is required to sign up for Remind 101 Texts. To join Coach Norwood’s World
History class text bd6ab4 to 81010.
 It is the student’s responsibility to ask for make-up work! Ask any questions before or after class. Notes
and assignments may be obtained from the class website.
 For each day of absence, one day is allowed to turn in missed assignments.
 The due date for make-up work depends on the number of days you were absent. For example, if you were absent
3 days, you have 3 days to make-up all missed work.
 Make-up quizzes and tests may be different from the original. If you miss a test, you must take the test the
day you return. If you are absent the day a project is due, you must turn in the project the day you
 If you are turning in make-up work after an absence, please complete the absent/late work form and turn it in with
your assignment.
Late Work
 Late assignments will be penalized 30 percent for the first day, and 40 percent for the second day, and 50 percent
for the third day.
 After 3 days, assignments will not be accepted.
 Any assignment not turned in will count as a zero and will not be dropped.
 If you are turning in late work after an absence, please make sure you notify Coach Ballard so that you are not
Standards for Work
All assignments (done in class or home) must be original work and in your own words. Any assignments that have sections
copied from a written or online resource will receive a zero. If students turn in identical papers on any type of assignment,
the grade for the assignment will be divided by the number of students.
Tutorial will begin at 6:50 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please set up an appointment with me when you need tutorial.
Cell Phones and other electronic devices:
Cell phones and other electronic devices should not be visible at any time during the class period unless
permission has been given. Common excuses for using a cell phone that are not acceptable are “I was checking the
time”, “My Mom/Dad was texting/calling me”, “It’s an emergency”, etc… There will be a many times that we use electronic
devices during the class and I will also give you permission to “listen to music”, but that will only be when you have been
given permission.
Contact Information
Please feel free to call or e-mail me at any time!
School Phone: SCHS main number (281) 245-3800
School e-mail: [email protected]
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need additional information or if you have any questions. I am
looking forward to a great year!!! 