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B e d f o r d
684 Purchase St. New Bedford, MA 02740 Phone: 508-991-5212 Fax: 508 -991-2170
2014 Summer Academy Apprentice Program
July 7 – August 4, 2014
(Please PRINT or Type all information)
Name_____________________________________________________ Age _______
School __________________________________ Class _____________
Address _________________________________________________ Zip___________
Parent/ Guardian _____________________________________Phone _____________
In a well-structured 3-5 paragraph essay (preferably typed) explain your experiences in
Theater and what you hope to gain from your experience with the New Bedford
Festival Theater Summer Apprentice Program. (Please complete on reverse side
of this sheet or attach a separate sheet of paper.) You must also have the
Recommendation Form filled out and signed by your teacher/instructor.
Choose 4 main areas of interest- number 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th:
Stage Crew ____ Set Construction ____ Props____ Costumes____ Lighting ____
Sound ____
Stage Management____ Promotion ____ Production Office ____
The New Bedford Festival Theater Summer Apprentice Program is designed to
give high school age students who are interested in theater a chance to work closely
with talented professionals and learn the basics of theatrical production in a
professional setting. At the end of the season each of the program’s participants are
given a stipend according to the amount of time spent in the program. In addition, you
may be considered for a Festival Theatre Scholarship based upon your performance
during the Summer program.
Please mail this application to the above address by May 9, 2014.
Parent/ Guardian Signature_____________________________________Date_______