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Mesopotamia Jeopardy Review Questions
Blab That Vocab
Yes! I did that.
Who am I?
Teacher Choice
A Sumerian city-state consisted of the
city, the surrounding mud brick wall, and
the surrounding farmland.
Name the two rivers of
Mesopotamia? Tigris and
The Sumerians based their
counting system on what
number? 60
A professional writer in
Mesopotamia was called a?
Mesopotamia means "the
land between the rivers"
In order to control the destructive
seasonal flooding of the rivers Rivers, the
ancient Sumerians constructed levees, or
raised areas of earth, in order to hold
back the floodwaters
The ziggurat was a temple. It was located
in the center of each Sumerian city-state.
It housed the city-state's patron god.
Mesopotamia is located in
what modern day country?
This Sumerian invention
allowed farmers to
cultivate larger areas of
land more quickly? plow
I am the only person
allowed in the temple?
The Fertile Crescent is a
boomerang shaped region
that extends from the eastern
shore of the Mediterranean
Sea to the Persian Gulf.
How did the Sumerians solve
the problem of flooding?
They used gated ditches and
This invention allowed
Sumerian architects to add
more strength and beauty
to structures. Arches
The lowest class in Sumer
was made up of? Slaves
Mesopotamia is often
referred to as the "cradle of
civilization" because the
world's first civilization
occurred there
Sumerians wrote on what?
Clay tablets
Sumerians used guffas to
travel on the river to trade.
I created the world’s first
law Code. King Hammurabi
The ancient Sumerians created the
world's first writing system known as
A stylus is a wedge-shaped instrument
made out of reed.
Grain, oils and textiles were
exported from Mesopotamia.
This invention allowed the
Sumerians to travel easier
to different areas to trade
goods. Wheel
Archaeologists study the
artifacts and remains of
past civilizations.
The belief in many gods is called what?
Cylinder seals were rolled
over documents,
containers to show
Gilgamesh is one of ancient
Mesopotamia's most
legendary historical figures.
He was a heroical priestking from the Sumerian
city-state of Uruk.
A large community that has a stable food
supply, specialized jobs, social
levels, government, and a culture-civilization-
Sumerian cities were isolated
from each other by
geography. Beyond the areas
of settlement lay mudflats
and patches of scorching
desert. This terrain made
travel and communication
In Mesopotamia the economy
was largely based on farming.
They recorded the
positions of the planets
and stars and developed a
12-month calendar based
on the cycles of the moon.
Around 2300 B.C., Sargon I
created the world's first
empire in the area of
ancient Mesopotamia.
The world's oldest known
story comes from Sumer. It is
called the Epic of Gilgamesh
The fine soil deposited by rivers, that
created fertile farmland in
Mesopotamia-- Silt
Another invention was the
sailboat, which replaced
muscle power with wind
Slaves were prisoners of
war, criminals, or people
who had to pay off their
The word ziggurat means
"mountain of god" or "hill of
A long poem that tells the story of a
hero. Epic
The mud bricks helped
insulate homes and keep the
cooler in the hot, dry climate.
People often sleep where ?
Name the two important
rivers of Mesopotamia. Tigris
and Euphrates
The Mesopotamians
enjoyed music and had
many instruments,
including the harp, reed
pipes, drums, lyre ( name
These laws were based on
an “eye for an eye”. They
were written down on clay
tablets and read to the
people. Code of
Poorer people of
Mesopotamia had two
staple foods. Name them.
Barley and wheat
Mesopotamians traded their
surplus grain for stone,
wood, metal
It is believed that I ordered
the Hanging Gardens of
Babylon to be built for my
homesick wife. - King
What led to the collapse of
Mesopotamia? Warring
between the city-states and
excessive amounts of salt in
the farmland due to
irrigation practices and
An edubba is a Sumerian school where
young boys learned reading, writing, and
The first civilizations arose in
river valleys because good
farming conditions made it
easy to feed large numbers of
people. The rivers also made
it easy to travel from one
place to another and to trade.
Trade provided a way for
goods and ideas to move
from place to place.
Only a few people–mostly
boys from wealthy families–
learned how to write. After
years of training, they
became scribes, or record
keepers. Scribes held
honored positions in society,
often going on to become
judges and political leaders.
Sumerian city-states often
went to war with one
another. They fought to gain
glory and to control more
territory. For protection,
each city-state did what?
surrounded itself with a
Money was not used in
Mesopotamia. What system
was used? Barter