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Study Guide
Ch. 3 and Ch. 4
1. What discovery began the Neolithic Age? What discovery ended it?
2. What were the benefits of farming?
3. Why did more people live in larger communities during the
Neolithic Age than in earlier times?
4. What was life like in Paleolithic times?
5. What were the results of people developing specialized skills or
What were the effects of people living in permanent shelters?
7. What does the word “Mesopotamia” mean?
8. Why did people move from the foothills (Northern Mesopotamia) to
the plains (south)?
9. What were levees, canals, and dams used for?
10. What is a city-state?
11. Why didn’t Sumerians continue living in small villages, like their
12. What was it like to live in Sumer and the Zagros Mountains?