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Mesopotamia Study Guide
Part I – Study all vocabulary words and skills sheets.
Part II – Fill in the blank
1. Farmers in Sumer used __________ to keep flooding rivers in their banks.
2. A complex _____________ ________ _________ developed in Sumer due to a food
3. ____________________ compiled a collection of laws.
4. ____________________ was a Chaldean ruler who rebuilt Babylon.
5. The Hittites use horse-drawn _____________ in battle.
6. _________________________ is the land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.
7. Sumerians built ________________ to control low water levels.
8. Phoenica was well known for its _________ __________.
9. ___________________, capital of Hammurabi’s empire, was located near presentday Baghdad, Iraq.
10. ____________ served as the link between the Sumerians and the gods.
11. ____________________ trades cedar wood.
Short Answer
1. Describe cuneiform.
2. What technology did the Hittites and Assyrians use in battle?
3. Why were ziggurats so tall?
4. What was the relationship between trade and the spread of the Phoenician alphabet?
5. What were the roles of Sumerian women?
6. Why was Mesopotamia an ideal place for civilization to develop?
7. List the achievements of each empire.