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1. What refers to consumers’ perception that a brand provides satisfaction beyond the cost incurred to
obtain that brand?
A. Value
B. Price
C. Brand
D. Cost
2. In what situation are consumers typically insensitive to increase on the price of the product?
A. Economies of Scale
B. Economies of Scope
C. Elastic Demand
D. Inelastic Demand
3.Choose the correct answer that best describes "promotion".
A. Creating Value
B. Capturing Value
C. Delivering the Value Proposition
D. Communicating the Value Proposition
4.Which of the following is not a process by which a product or service is
A. B2B marketing
B. C2B marketing
C. C2C marketing
D. B2C marketing
5.What is the main focus for integrated marketing communication?
a.) A series of coordinated promotional efforts that communicate a single theme
or idea about the brand
b.) The process of interpreting the message
c.) Building brand awareness, identity, and eventually preference
d.) Balancing the four areas of marketing responsibility and decision making to
achieve the best possible balance.
6.Which of the following identifies a brand?
a.) Term
b.) Symbol
c.) Name
d.) All of the above
6. Which of the following scenarios is NOT an advertisement?
a. Chick-fil-A purchases a billboard to promote their new breakfast menu
b. Under Armour creates a commercial to sell its latest line of sportswear
c. Yeti pays for a printed image of their coolers in Men's Wellness
d. The Red Cross prepares a message that reminds the public to get their flu shots this
7. _______ occurs when costs per-unit become lower due to larger volumes of
a. Inelasticity of Demand
b. Economies of Scale
c. Marginal Revenue
d. Abarbitrage Pricing Theory
8.What is Integrated Marketing Communications?
A. A series of coordinated promotional efforts that communicate a single theme
or idea about the brand.
B. The communications process in marketing that is used to create a favorable
predisposition toward a brand of product or service.
C. Putting two marketing communications together to make one
D. The process of using a wide range of promotional tools working together to
create widespread brand exposure.
9.What is Market Segmentation?
A. The process of breaking down a large, widely varied (heterogeneous) market
into submarkets, or segments, that are more similar (homogeneous) than
dissimilar in terms of what the consumer is looking for.
B. The process of creating a perceived difference, in the mind of the consumer,
between an organization’s brand and the competition’s.
C. the process of designing a brand so it can occupy a distinct and valued place
in the target consumer’s mind relative to other brands and then communicating
this distinctiveness through advertising.
D. Splitting up a market into separate departments
10. What refers to the consumer’s perception of a brand that provides
satisfaction beyond the initial cost?
A) Impact on Value
B) Symbolic Value
C) Value
D) Impact on Pricing
11. What is the result when the cost per-unit becomes lower due to larger
volumes of production?
A) Inelasticity
B) Revenue
C) Economies of Scale
D) Primary Demand
12. An adaption to an existing brand to a new product is known as:
A) Brand
B) Brand Equity
C) Brand Extension
D) Brand Loyalty
13. What is a particular group of consumers that is singled out for a specific
advertisement or campaign?
A) Audience
B) Primary Audience
C) Consumers
D) Target Audience
14. What are the three parts of reception in the mass-mediated communication
A) Context, Accommodation, Production
B) Context, Understanding, Meaning
C) Negotiation, Understanding, Production
D) Accommodation, Reception, Meaning
Which of the following is an advertisement to promote Donald Trump’s
presidential campaign?
A: A New York Times article that states that Trump visited Mexico a few days ago.
B: CNN coverage of a Trump rally.
C: Hillary Clinton attack ad on Trump.
D:A “Make America Great Again” Donald Trump for president billboard on the
2. Which of the following is a Brand Extension?
A. The one of a kind “Mighty Hook” as seen on TV.
B. Apple creates a new touch screen Macbook line.
C. General Mill’s redesigns the Wheaties box
D. Speedo hires a new brand representative in replacement of disgraced swimmer
Ryan Lochte.