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HBI Research Awards 2015
Institutional Affiliation
Project Title
Rebecca Winer
Villanova University
“Sweet Milk”: Wet-nurses, Mothers and Christian, Jewish and Muslims
Relations in the Medieval Crown of Aragon, c. 1250- 1400
Robin Judd
The Ohio State University
Jewish Brides, Solider Husbands, and Strategies for Reconstruction, 19431955
Laura Leibman
Reed College
From Slave to Merchant Princess: How Early American Jews Used Religion
to Shift their Race
Rachel Gordan
Hadassah Brandeis Institute SIR
Alfred Kinsey and the Making of a Post-WWII American Jewish Sexuality
Melissa Klapper
Rowan University
American Jewish Women's Travel Narratives, 1865-1939
Geraldine Gudefin
Brandeis University
Navigating the Civil and Religious Worlds: Jewish Immigrants & Marital Laws
in France and the United States (1881-1939)
Benjamin Steiner
Brandeis University
The Rothschild Ketubah: The Modern Voice of Traditional Jewish Marriage
Sonia Gollance
University of Pennsylvania
Harmonious Instability: (Mixed) Dancing and Partner Choice in GermanJewish and Yiddish Literature
Israel & the Yishuv
Lilach Rosenberg
Bar-Ilan University
Be Fruitful and Multiply? Births and Abortions in the Jewish Community of
Mandatory Palestine, 1920-1948
Matan Boord
Tel Aviv University
Masculinities and Family Among Urban Members of the Zionist Labor
Movement in Mandate Palestine
HBI Research Awards 2015
Institutional Affiliation
Project Title
Families, Children & the Holocaust
Golan Moskowitz
Wild, Outside, in the Night: Maurice Sendak, Queer American Jewishness,
and the Child
Brandeis University
Diaspora Studies
Rachel Bernstein
Brandeis University
On the Market: A Study of Millennial Jewish Young Adults Seeking Identity
Katka Reszke
Hadassah Brandeis Institute SIR
The Meshugene Effect
Shana Strauch Schick
Haifa University
From Dungeon to Haven: The Cultural-Historical Contexts of Competing
Theories of Gestation in Leviticus Rabbah and the Babylonian Talmud
Ronit Irshai
Bar-Ilan Univesity
A Jubilee Book in Honor of Prof. Tamar Ross
Gender, Culture, Religion and the Law
Rivkah Lubitch
Memoir about Life as an Advocate on the Beit Din in Israel
Ayelet Libson
The Hebrew University of
Beyond the Fault Line: Revisiting Rabbinic Divorce Law
Pnina Abir-Am
WSRC, Brandeis University
Jewish Teenage Girl "Illegal Immigrant" Turned High Tech Inventor: Ora
Kedem's Trajectory from Central European Refugee to Leadership in Israeli
Scientific Institutions.
HBI Research Awards 2015
Institutional Affiliation
Project Title
Film & Video
Diana Groó
University of Theatre and Film Arts
The Blood Libel / The Lawyer
Rona Yefman
Columbia University
The Radio Lady 1948 / Netiva Ben Yehuda
Ellen Cassedy
Yiddish Book Center Translation
Fellowship Program
A Change of Place: Yenta Mash's Women
Linda Zisquit
Bar-Ilan University
From the Notebooks of Korach's Daughter
Sarah Swartz
Walls and Bridges: Stories from a Daughter of Holocaust Survivors
Joy Ladin
Yeshiva University
“I Am What I Will Be”: Meeting God at the Burning Bush of Becoming
Helène Aylon
The Jewish Museum
Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh: All Rise for Women on a Beit Din