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2011 IDIQ
Seed Increase
• Promote ecosystem management
• Encourage sustainable uses of native plants
• Strengthen BLM relationship with Seed
Coordination & Partnerships
Over 500 collaborators in Native Plant
Materials Development Program
• 10 Federal agencies and over 275 non-federal
partners in Plant Conservation Alliance
• Research Component:
Genetics and Climate Change
Seed Transfer Zones
Seed Production
Restoration Techniques
Pollination Studies
Inventory and Monitoring
Species Life Histories
Adaptation Strategies
• Provided foundation seed for 193 native
species to private growers.
• Enabled commercial availability of 122 native
• Coordinated almost 100 seed collecting teams.
• Made over 12,000 native seed collections.
• Evaluated more than 3,327 taxa of forbs,
grasses & shrubs.
 Seed Collections: 12,000+
 Seed Collections Data-based: 7,000+
 Taxa Represented: 3,400+
• Small Purchases
• Large Purchases – IDIQs, Request
for Quotes
Funded delivery orders for SI seed
• “Sole Source” Purchases
Seed of local genotypes produced on
 Single purchases
 Existing inventory
• Inter-Government
Between Agencies
• Assistance Agreements
Non-Governmental Organizations
Intent of Contract
• Acquire seed (source identified) for
restoration projects on federal lands
• Increase the supply of native forb and grass seed
from wildland collections appropriate to the site
• Use seed in restoration and rehab projects
• Out-source government work orders to the
private sector
• Utilize local commercial growers
• Knowledge, skills, and capability
• Develop a commercial and public
marketplace for native seed
• Between Government Agencies and field units, and
growers, and the public
• Simplify seed ordering and purchasing process
• Easy for Agencies to fund seed orders
• Specifications are developed and standardized
• Seed delivery orders are funded – seed not grown
• Growers are paid upon delivery of seed
•Mutual Benefit
• Relationship between private sector and Federal
government to improve the condition of federal lands
in the West.
Agencies Authorized
to Place Task Orders
• Federal Agencies:
• Bureau of Land Management
• Forest Service
• Bureau of Indian Affairs
• Fish and Wildlife Service
• National Park Service
• Natural Resource Conservation Service
• Contract Extent
• OR, WA, CA, ID, NV, UT, CO, NM, AR, WY, MT
Develop a seed increase contract for BLM and
other Federal Agencies
• Common local native forb and grass seed for
restoration projects
• Available to all Western States and multiple Agencies
Include commercial growers from different
geographic areas
Develop unified standards for field production
and seed quality based on current industry
• “natural” track pre-variety germplasm
• State Seed Certification Services and Association of
Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA).
• Purity, germination, moisture and weeds
• Association of Official Seed Analysts (AOSA)
Agencies receive source identified seed for
restoration projects
• Species selected for seed increase are local
genotypes useful in restoration/rehabilitation
• Initial grow-out seed provided commercial
• Seed delivered to Government will be Source
Identified – exception CA!.
• All fields and lots will be enrolled in the state
Seed Certifying Agency and follow all PVG
• All seed lots will be tested for seed viability,
purity, weed content, all-states noxious weeds,
and moisture content and meet minimum seed
• Seed with state prohibited weeds in the state
of origin or state of deliver are not accepted by
the Government.
Length of the Contract: 3 years with seed lot
grow-out for 5 years.
Funded Government orders for native grass
and forb seed
• Delivery orders: placed with growers based on the
following criteria in descending priority:
• performance history
• price
• past experience growing seed crops
• proximity to the field office
• Delivery orders may be issued for seed purchase
• newly established fields
• seed from an existing field
• seed that a Contractor has in inventory.
• Seed must meet the requirements of this contract
and is subject to CO approval.
• A contractor may reject a task order under certain
conditions when conflicts arise in meeting seed
certification standards for land history and isolation
distances, or when maximum or minimum order
requirements are not met, subject to CO approval.
Container Production and Field Transplant
Small lot production: seedlings grown as containers in greenhouses or coldframes
Small Grass and Forb Seed Lots
Small seed lot increase - less than 1 ac.
$30/lb for seed produced
$500/lot for equipment cleanout
Large Forb Field Production
• Large seed lot increase - greater than 1 ac.
• $30/lb or $50/lb for seed produced
• $500/lot for equipment cleanout
Large Grass Field Lots - 34 Species
Seed Quality Incentives
$1.00/lb - seed contains no all states noxious weeds
$0.50/lb - seed contains 50% or less of the weed seed standard
Southwest Seed Inc.
13260 Road 29 Dolores, CO 81323
Contact: Robby Henes 970-565-8722
Hedgerow Farms
21740 County Road 88 Winters, CA 95694
Contact: John Anderson 530-662-6847
S & S Seeds Inc.
PO Box 1275 Carpinteria, CA 93014
Contact: Victor Schaff 805-684-0436
Oregon Wholesale Seed Company
PO Box 885 Silverton, OR 97381
Contact: Angela Rose 503-874-8221
E&S Environmental Restoration, Inc.
PO Box 884 Corvallis, OR 97339
Contact: Tim Sullivan 541-758-5777
Benson Farms Inc.
1145 Jefferson Avenue Moses Lake, WA 98837
Contact: Jerry Benson 509-765-6348
Clearwater Seed, LLC
827 W 1st Ave, Suite 307 Spokane, WA 99201
Contact:Mark Mustoe 509-343-3108
Western Reclamation Inc.
PO Box 210 Eltopia, WA 99330
Contact: Todd Harris 509-297-4500
Rainier Seeds, Inc.
PO Box 1064 Davenport, WA 99122
Contact: Richard Gilbert 800-828-8873
L & H Seeds Inc.
4756 W SR 260 Connell, WA 99326
Contact: Paul Herrman 509-234-4433
Douglas Kendig:
phone: (541) 261-3605
[email protected]
Contract Location:
Festuca roemeri, Benson Farms 2009