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Plant Investigation
Observation Journal
Since you might not be near a computer when you observe your growing plants, use this journal
as a place to write and draw observations.
Here are some questions to consider as you make your observations:
What does your seed look like? (Think about its size, shape, and color.)
How long does it take from the time you plant the seed for it to sprout?
What does the plant look like when it first comes up out of the ground?
How many leaves do you see?
Use a ruler to measure how tall your plant is from where it comes out of the soil to the
tallest part of the plant. How tall is it?
How often do you water your seed/plant?
When you’re ready to share your observations, visit:
Your Observations
Type of seed / plant: __________________________
Observation day number (day 1, day 4, day 10): _________
Describe what you see:
Draw what you see:
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