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AP World History Summer Assignment
Part I: Map activities
This portion of the assignment will enhance your familiarity with geographic location and will
be referenced to all year in the AP World course.
1. Familiarize yourself with the AP World Regions Map
2. Complete each of the regions maps activities:
Africa and Southwest Asia, Europe, South and Southeast Asia, Central America, the
Caribbean and South America and East Asia.
Part II: News Journal
To increase your awareness of global issues in key regions/countries outside of the United
States you will keep a current events journal in which you identify, summarize, and analyze
contemporary issues and events. The purpose of the project is for you to become more familiar
with the major regions of the world and the events that currently impact each region.
Investigating contemporary issues will serve as an introduction to global contextualization and
allows you to understand a small part of recent world history.
Type-Written assignment:
Get a small binder or folder for this project. Work should be submitted in 12-pt font and
double spaced. Please use Times New Roman or Arial.
Find 10 articles (spread throughout the summer) that are from different regions. For example,
choose an article about a country in South Asia, West Africa, Middle East, Europe and Central
America etc. DO NOT choose all 10 articles on one region! You may NOT use an article that
discusses U.S. domestic issues. Articles that discuss the United States must be in relation to
international policies.
News sources you may wish to consider are: (online or in print),,,,
1. Provide Date, Title and source of article. If the article is from the internet please provide
a link.
2. Summary- Write a thorough and accurate summary of the major points of each article.
One paragraph that answers- Who? What? When? Where including country AND
region? Why?
3. Analysis- One paragraph response. Share your own reactions or opinions of the articlesThis should be reflective of your own knowledge and questions you have about the
world around you.
4. Theme- What AP World history theme does this article relate to and why?*see next pg.
*The 5 major themes for the course are:
1. Interactions between humans and the environment
 Demography and Disease
 Migration
 Patterns of settlement
 Technology
2. Development and interaction of cultures
 Religions
 Belief Systems, philosophies, ideologies
 Science and technology
 Arts and architecture
3. State-building, expansion and conflict
 Political structures and forms of governance
 Empires
 Nations and nationalism
 Revolts and revolution
 Regional, trans-regional, and global structures and organizations
4. Creation, Expansion and interaction of economic systems
 Agricultural and pastoral production
 Trade and commerce
 Labor systems
 Industrialization
 Capitalism and socialism
5. Development and transformation of social structures
 Gender roles and relations
 Family and kinship
 Racial and ethnic constructions
 Social and economic classes
AP World History Summer Assignment
Due the first Friday we return to school
Part I: Maps - Physical Features Map
Identify the location of the features below, and create a key to denote the type of feature (ie. mountains, plateau,
river, desert, etc.). You may use colors or symbols to represent them.
____Nile River____ Mediterranean Sea ____Sahara Desert ____Deccan Plateau____ Himalaya Mountains
____Tigris and Euphrates Rivers____ Indian Ocean____ Gobi Desert ____Tibetan Plateau
____ Hindu Kush Mountains____ Indus River____ Yangtze River ____Taklamakan Desert____ Red Sea
____ Andes Mountains ____Amazon River____ Yellow River (Huang He) ____Strait of Gibraltar
____Black Sea ____Pyrenees Mountains ____Ganges River____ Danube River____ Bosporus Strait
____Persian Gulf ____Kunlun Shan Mountains
AP World Regions Map
North Africa
West Africa
Southern Afr.
Middle East
Latin America
South Asia
East Africa
East Asia
Equatorial Africa
Southeast Asia
Look at an Atlas/the AP world regions map and fill in the above regions. In the boxes
above come up with a symbols that will represent the region. Ex: North America
Use this map to help you identify the AP Regions on the subsequent maps.
Africa and Southwest Asia Map
Directions: Outline the location/place of the following from Period I (to 600 B.C.E) then answer the
questions that follow.
 Nile River Valley (Egyptian and
 Nubian Civilizations)
 Origins and spread of the Bantu (bantu migration)
Use the following link to help you, or Google “bantu migration”
Southwest Asia
 Mesopotamia
 Hittite Kingdom
1. Why do think the Bantu migrated southward rather than northward?
2. What role does geography play in the development of civilization?
Please color the AP regions for Africa and Southwest Asia using the map included (labeled “AP
World Regions Map”) and create a key:
Europe Map
Directions: Outline/label the location of the following from Period II (600 B.C.E to 600 C.E) then answer the
questions that follow.
 Greek City States
Region of Macedonia
Roman Empire
Mediterranean Sea
Bosporus Strait
Black Sea
1. What do you think is the likely impact of the Mediterranean on
European civilizations?
2. Why might a city on the Bosporus Strait become a center of trade?
3. Which geographic features might have kept the Greek city states
from uniting?
Please color each of the following regions a different color: Western Europe and Eastern Europe
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
India Map
Directions: Outline/label the location of the following then answer the questions that follow
South Asia
Indus River
Ganges River
Himalayan Mountains
Hindu Kush Mountains
Khyber pass
Indus Valley Civilization
Draw an arrow representing the migration of the Aryans (Indo-Europeans) into South Asia. Use the
following link to help you or Google “Aryan migration”
Identify one geographic feature in South Asia and explain how it may have impacted the development of
South Asia.
South East Asia Map
Directions: Label the map of South East Asia with the following Modern Day countries in Southeast Asia.
Southeast Asia
Papua New Guinea
Central America, the Caribbean, and South America Map
Directions: Outline the
location/place of the following from
then answer the questions that
The Olmec Civilization
The Mayan Civilization
The Pacific Ocean
The Atlantic Ocean
1. Why will Central America and
Caribbean have no contact with the
Afro-Eurasian world?
2. How, do you think, this will
affect the development of
civilization in the Americas?
Outline the location/place of the following
then answer the questions that follow.
The Andes Mountains
Incan Civilization
1. What geographic features dominate the
continent of South America?
2. How did the geography of western
South America pose problems for the Inca
3. How do you think the Incas responded
to these geographic challenges?
China Map
Directions: Outline the location/place of the following then answer the questions that follow.
Huang He River
Yangtze River
Pacific Ocean
Himalayan Mountains
Tian Shan Mountains
Gobi Desert
Shang Dynasty
1. Given its location, how much contact will East Asia have with other civilizations in Period I (to 600
B.C.E)? Why?
2. Where and why, do you think, most East Asians will settle?