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Keystone Species
Cause and Effect
What is it?
A keystone species is a biotic organism in an ecosystem that is very important.
If you were to take that organism out, the whole ecosystem could potentially
collapse or be highly negatively affected.
Ecological Niche
Each organism has a role/niche.
A bee helps fertilize plants by moving pollen from the stamen to the pistil.
Plankton provide food/energy for many animals, including whales.
Coral provides shelter and protection for many organisms.
What is the niche of the following animals?
Introducing Species
When you make a change to an ecosystem, many times many things are
affected, a chain of events
Can be positive or negative
Wolves Video
Removing Species
Some populations of organisms can be removed or lessened with little effect.
Why do you think it could have little effect with certain organisms?
Some populations of organisms are vital to ecosystems. The event of removing
them or lessening them would cause a negative effect. It might stop there or
create a chain of events watch?v=l7YRV76F7HM