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SESSION 7 - Palm And Hand
1. What movement is missing from the carpometacarpal joint of the little finger
that is present in the same joint of the thumb?
2. What is the nerve supply of the thenar muscles?
3. Is adductor pollicis included in these muscles?
4. If you looked at a lumbrical in the hand could you tell its nerve supply by its
5. Does the nerve that supplies the hypothenar muscles pass deep to the flexor
6. In carpal tunnel syndrome do you get numbness of the skin of the thenar
7. What are the three autonomous sensory testing areas in the hand for the
median, ulnar and radial nerves?
8. As a surgeon cuts the flexor retinaculum for carpal tunnel syndrome what
motor branch of what nerve would be the most disastrous to cut if the incision
is made too laterally?
9. Is it a disadvantage to be born with no palmaris longus muscle?
10. After the ulnar nerve has supplied the hypothenar muscles it goes on to supply
two ………, then all the ………… and finally the ……… ……….
Complete the gaps.
11. What is the surface marking for the superficial palmar arterial arch? Which
artery is its main supply?
12. What do we mean by wasting of muscles and what causes can you name?
13. What does the nerve supply of the lumbricals tell you about the nerve supply
of flexor digitorum profundus?
14. If the ring finger is moved towards the middle finger is this adduction or
15. Which muscle in the mid forearm would you look under to find the ulnar
16. Does the ulnar nerve pass superficial or deep to the flexor retinaculum?
17. Where do the lumbricals insert?
18. What are the 2 main actions of the lumbricals?
19. How and why would you test abductor pollicis brevis?
20. How would you test flexor digitorum superficialis in the middle finger?
21. Do the interossei insert into the base of the proximal phalanx, the extensor
expansion or both?
22. List the small muscles of the hand that are not supplied by the ulnar nerve.
23. What is the surface marking of the deep palmar arterial arch and which artery
is its main supplier?
24. Which carpal bone articulates with the thumb (1st) metacarpal?
25. Name the attachments of the flexor retinaculum.
26. What do we mean by the term 'autonomous' skin area of a nerve?
27. Name the structures on the flexor aspect of the wrist:-
Flexor carpi ulnaris
Superficial radial nerve