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Vision and Hearing
• I. The cornea bends light rays towards the lens. The
lens focuses the light rays on the retina. The retina’s
sensory cells (rods and cones) changes light energy to
chemical energy. The optic nerve sends the nerve
impulse from the eye to the brain.
• II. Hue- the family of color
• Brightness-refers to lightness or darkness of color
• Saturation-amount of gray mixed with the pure color
• I. Sound waves enter the outer ear and strike the
eardrum which vibrates. It’s vibration are carried
through the three middle ear bones (incus, malleus,
and stapes) to the cochlea in the inner ear. Fluid and
hair cells (cilia) in the cochlea vibrate, activating
nerve impulses in the auditory nerve. The auditory
nerve send the impulse to the brain to be interpreted.
• Pitch- the highness or lowness of the tone
• Loudness- the volume or intensity of a sound
• Timbre- the unique pattern of each sound wave