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Pitch: how high or low a sound is (frequency of
Decibel: measures how loud a sound is
0-20: Absolute threshold (whispering)
30-60: Moderate (leaves rustling)
70-90: Loud (subway train)
100-120: Pain threshold (rock concert)
130-150: severe pain (jet engine)
Eardrum: gateway from the outer ear to the
middle ear; thin membrane that vibrates when
sound waves strike it
Middle ear: amplifies sound
Cochlea: bony tube that contains fluid as well as
neurons that move in response to the vibrations
of the fluids
Auditory Nerve: nerve that carries sound from
the cochlea to the brain for interpretation
Conductive Deafness: occurs because of
damage to the middle ear; can be helped with
hearing aids
Sensorineural Deafness: caused by damage to
the inner ear; neurons in the cochlea are