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Grade Electricity
Ms. Thornburg’s
Flash Cards!
To cause to draw closer to
is _______?
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A material that does not
carry electrons is ______?
Your Name
A device used to
determine direction is
Your Name
A temporary magnet made by
passing electric current
through a wire coiled around
an iron bar is _____?
Your Name
Positive and negative electric
charges that are separated from
each other and are not moving
are _____?
Static electricity
Your Name
The force of attraction
between magnets and
magnetic forces is _____?
Your Name
A material that resists the
flow of electrons in some
way is _____?
Your Name
The collection of physical effects
that result from charged
particles, especially protons and
neutrons is _____?
Your Name
A material that conducts
electricity is _____?
Your Name
Either of two opposing forces
or parts, such as the poles of
a magnet is _____?
Your Name
The charge obtained by an
object when it gains or
loses electrons is _____?
Electric charge
Your Name
To be resistant to is _____?
Your Name
The path along which
electrons can flow is
Electric circuit
Your Name
The flow of electrons from
negatively charged to
positively charged objects is
Electric current
Your Name