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Machine Learning
Dell Zhang
Birkbeck, University of London
Netflix Prize
 to
the first person to improve the accuracy of
its recommendation system by 10 percent.
 to
the current leader each year for as long as
the contest runs.
Learning =
 improving
 at some task
 through experience
Human / Machine
Prof. Tom Mitchell
Machine Learning (ML) is a subfield of
artificial intelligence concerned with
algorithms that allow computers to learn.
What this means, in most cases, is that
algorithm is given a set of data and infers
information about the properties of data – and
that information allows it to make predictions
about other data that might see in the future.
This is possible because almost all non-random
data contains patterns, and these patterns allow
the machine to generalize.
In order to generalize, it trains a model with
what it determines are the important aspects of
the data. Many machine learning algorithms rely
heavily on mathematics (in particular
The Bean Machine
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