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Protestant Reformation vs. English
Protestant Reformation
English Reformation
• Led by King Henry VIII
• A split from the -Catholic Church
• Led to more localized preaching
and interpretation of the Bible
• Aided by the spread of literacy
and Bibles due to the printing
• Came about because Henry angry
at Pope cause Pope would not
annul his marriage
• Henry was condemned by the
Catholic Church
• Henry made self the leader of the
Church of England
Led by Martin Luther
95 Theses: Philosophical wrongs within
the church and an offer to debate
A split from the Catholic Church
Protesting hypocrisy in the church
(Pope a dad, priests w/girlfriends)
Indulgences a key complaint
Fueled by pamphlets and Bibles:
cheaply printed due to printing press
Everybody equal in the eyes of God
Luther was condemned by the Catholic
Individual or congregation interprets
the Bible, not the church as a whole!