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Anterior Abdomen
Learning objectives
1. Identify the superior and inferior borders of the anterior abdomen
2. Describe the components of the linea alba and the rectus sheath
3. Describe the structure of the inguinal canal and its parts (4 walls and 2 openings)
4. Describe the two types of inguinal hernias
5. Describe the boundaries and locate the nine abdominal regions
6. Identify the vertebral levels of the umbilicus, subcostal plane, and transtubercular
7. Describe the layers of fascia seen in the abdomen, both superior to and inferior to
the umbilicus
8. Define the following components of the nervous system: cervical and lumbar
enlargements, conus medullaris, filum terminale, coccygeal ligament, dorsal and
ventral roots, anterior and posterior primary rami, dura mater, arachnoid
membrane, and pia mater.
9. Identify the components of the nerve plexuses: cervical, brachial, lumbar, sacral,
and pudendal.
10. Describe the organization of the intercostals nerves, the subcostal nerve, and the
ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerves
11. Describe the proximal attachment, distal attachment, nerve innervation, and
muscle function for the following muscles
a. Transversus abdominis muscle
b. External abdominal oblique muscle
c. Internal abdominal oblique muscle
d. Rectus abdominus muscle
e. Quadratus lumborum muscle
f. Pyramidalis muscle
g. Cremaster muscle