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Nawal Said
5th hour
All cells have some parts in common. The parts
Plasma membrane – It is the “skin” of the cell.
Cytoplasm- The protoplasm inside a cell.
Ribosomes- these are structures in the
cytoplasm. Protein is made here.
DNA- DNA holds genetic directions that cells
need to make proteins.
All cells live in things that are alive.
The Parenchyma
plant cell is cubeshaped .
It is loosely
It has thin walls
It contains
This plant cell is
Collenchyma is more
flexible than fibers.
They grow with
surrounding tissue.
During their
development, the
collenchyma cells have
walls which are mainly
Cellulosic- a chain of
linked sugar molecules
that give wood its
These types of cells
are hard and fragile.
Sclerenchyma develop
a secondary wall that
is made of lignin.
Lignin makes it hard.
This plant cell is
This is empty at
maturity and dead.
Muscle cells are
accountable for moving
an animal’s limbs and
Can be skeletal ,
cardiac, or smooth
muscle cells.
Skeletal cells are the
most common type of
muscle cells.
Muscle cells are long
and shaped like a tube.
Main cells of nervous
Nerve cells receive
and deliver messages
and signals to the
owner or animal.
Neuron is another
name for nerve cell.
Main portion of a
nerve cell is the cell
The white thing in the
middle is a white blood
cell of an animal. The red
ones are red blood cells
of an animal.
Are split into white
and red blood cells.
 Red blood cells are
99 % of all blood cells.
 Red blood cells are the
only ones with no
 White animal cells
help fight off bacteria
and sicknesses.
Plant cell
 A plant cell is larger.
 Can’t change its
 Nucleus is on one side
in the peripheral
 Lysosomes are rare.
Animal cell
 An animal cell is
 Can change its shape.
 Nucleus usually lies
in the Centre
 Lysosomes always
there in animal cells.
To sum it up, all cells have some parts in
common. They are plasma membrane, cytoplasm
DNA, and Ribosomes. Some plant cells are
parenchyma, collenchyma, and sclerenchyma .
Some animal cells are nerve cells, blood cells, and
muscle cells. Though there are many differences
between plant and animal cells, here is one: plant
cells are larger and animal cells are usually