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7th Grade Explorer Study Guide
Use the following worksheets to help you study for the test:
An Age of Exploration Worksheet
Research Notes on Explorers
Notes on Columbian Exchange
Chapter 16
Helpful videos: The Great Age of Exploration (29:56)
Chapter 16, Lesson 1 p. 456-461
1. What invention helped spread Marco Polo’s discovery?
2. What are some of Galileo’s inventions and how did they impact society?
3. What contribution did Isaac Newton make to science?
Chapter 16, Lesson 2 p. 462-465
4. Why did Europe want a faster route to Asia?
5. What was Prince Henry’s contribution to help exploration? What effect did
this have on exploration?
6. What is a caravel? Why was it important?
7. Chapter 16, Lesson 2-5 p. 462-481
Bartholomeu Dias
Vasco da Gama
Christopher Columbus
Ferdinand Magellan
John Cabot
Vasco Nunes Balboa
Henry Hudson
Jacques Cartier
Francisco Pizarro
Juan Ponce de Leon
Giovanni da Verrazano
Hernan Cortes
Robert de LaSalle
Samuel de Champlain
Where they explored
8. What is the Line of Demarcation?
9. What are Conquistadors?
10. How did Montezuma react to Cortes’ arrival?
11. How did Pizarro gain the Incan empire?
12. What were the names of the two areas controlled by Spain in the New
World? Where were they located?
13. What area was controlled by Portugal?
14. What was a main goal of Spanish missionaries?
Pre-Columbian Exchange: National Geographic 13:23
Part 2 13:21
http://w w w
15. What is the Columbian Exchange?
New World items
Old World Items
Video and Chapter 16, Lesson 4 p. 474-477
16. Why was sugarcane important?
17. What was needed in order to grow and harvest sugarcane?
18. What was the Middle Passage?
Chapter 16, Lesson 5 p. 478-481
19. St. Lawrence River
a. What country laid claim to this area?
b. What resources did Europeans desire from this area?
c. What cultural exchanges occurred?
20. St. Augustine, Florida
Castillo San Marcos - St. Augustine, FL - Travel Thru History (3:50)
a. What country laid claim to this area?
b. Why was this area chosen to establish a fort
21. Why did the Spanish establish colonies in the new world?
St. Augustine - First Colony (3:45)