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Study Guide Planet Quiz
Name ____________________
Block _____
Match a planet to the following information. Write the name of one of the planets listed
below in the space provided. You may use planets more than once!
______Mars_________1. Is a red color due to the iron oxide (rust)
_______Jupiter______ 2. Has the Great Red Spot
_______Mercury_____ 3. Smallest Planet in the solar system
________Neptune____ 4. Has the Great Dark Spot
_______Mars_______ 5. Has largest volcano in solar system, Olympus Mons
_______Uranus______ 6. Tilted totally on it’s side
_______Venus_______ 7. Sister planet to Earth
________Earth______ 8. Has 1 moon
_______Saturn______ 9. Looks yellow because of sulfur
_______Saturn______ 10. Has the brightest rings of the planets
________Venus______ 11. Has the highest temperatures due to the
greenhouse effect
______Neptune______ 12. Has the fastest wind speeds
_________Earth_____ 13. Only planet with life
_______Jupiter______ 14. Has the strongest gravitational pull
________Earth______ 15. Only planet with liquid water
_______Neptune______ 16. Name the two planets that are blue due to the methane
----------------Uranus---------________Mars______ 17. Has two moons named Phobos and Deimos
________Jupiter_____ 18. Largest Planet
_______Mars_______ 19. Has Valles Marineris, the largest valley in solar system
______Mercury______ 20. Has almost no atmosphere because it is blown away by
solar winds