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Technology Fact Sheet
MIMOS – National R&D Centre in ICT, Malaysia
MIMOS Human Resource Planning, Simulation and Analytics Tools (Mi-Resource)
Provides the ability for any agency to optimize key performance indicators such as crime cases in
relation to their manpower resourcing, allocation and deployment using predictive and prescriptive
analytics, through a simulation tool. This solution also allows various types of stand-alone systems and
variety of data to be integrated as a single eco-system supporting Hadoop Distributed File System
(HDFS) and processed as a big data system.
model the data according to the performance indicators required
such as for health cases, financial sectors, profit and losses to
cater the business industry requiring the ability to allocate and
optimize resources per given branch offices.
Mi-Resource patented solution addresses the biggest challenge for
police force to analyse, to plan resource allocation and to manage
police force’s deployment in real time from the various data sources
with different volumes. Predictive & prescriptive policing through big
data with crime, spatial and manpower analytics could be easily
achieved with millions of GPS coordinate points generated by daily
activities, historical data from police reporting system, human
resource management system, and along with data from
unstructured sources with various volumes that could be integrated,
processed quickly as a big data solution and visualized on
configurable dashboard called Crime to Manpower Heat Map
Simulator (C2MHS). Users (manager) can plan and study the effect
of manpower deployment/allocation over the different geographical
regions in real time and quickly make decision that affects public
delivery for the key performance indicator(s) being measured.
Easy Integration of other products to various layers
API, web services and configurable UI for easy integration with
various products of UI, BI tools, maps, data mining (such as R),
databases, ETL tools etc.
Mi-Resource comprises of the following features:
Centralized Solution and Secured Management
Centralized and flexible, thus making the management
seamlessly integrated and well maintained
Predictive Analytics
Enabling historical data from various resource and performance
parameters to be used as basis for evidence based predictions
at stations, districts, contingents and national level.
C2MHS and patrolling activities used by PDRM
Prescriptive Analytics
Police management (user) could then offer prescriptive analysis
by simulating the tools representing manpower parameters
Customized Dashboards and User Interface
User Interface (UI) called Mi-Helio is used but other UI can be
easily configured or customized to tailor for other agency’s
(Health, Finance) requirements.
Big Data Integration
Provides data integration, accelerated Extract Transform,
Loading and cleansing capabilities from data of various sources
BI tools and Maps for Analytics
Offers Mimos’s Business Intelligence (BI) tool and provides GIS
API, but BI and maps from any vendor could be used to
visualize spatial, temporal and analytics
Technology Benefits
The main impacts of Mi-Resource are:
Structured and Unstructured Data
Mi-Resource Solution Architecture
Through data Integration and using of ETL (Extract Transform
and Load) tools, various data sources could be ingested and
utilized for data mining, data validation and analysis purposes
Orchestration Engine
Configuring and determining activities for machine learning
and/or scheduling of map reduce tasks, batch processing tasks,
data ingestion activities and real time big data processing
Customisable for Unique Data Models
Mi-Resource Analytics Component
Users can create personalised applications using Mi-Helio and
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