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Our Dangerous Earth
Written by Sarah J. Keller
Copyright 2001
ISBN 0-9714299-0-1 (50 Book Set)
Table Of Contents
A hole in the earth……………………..4
Flowing Lava…………………………..10
Dormant volcano……………………...14
Extinct volcano……………………..…18
Books to read and web sites to visit…..26
A volcano is a hole in
our earth that
sometimes spits out
melted rocks, dust,
ash, and hot gases.
The melted rock
inside the volcano is
called magma.
The melted rock turns
into flaming lava
when it explodes out
of the volcano with
ash and hot gas. Lava
can flow down the
volcano very fast.
The volcano grows
into a large cone
shaped mountain of
hard lava and ash that
bursts out of the hole
during an eruption.
The violent burst of
gas, rocks, ash, and
flaming lava is very
dangerous. Flowing
lava quickly burns
everything in its path.
Active volcanoes can
erupt at any time.
About 500 volcanoes
are active on our
earth. Several are in
Alaska and Hawaii.
A resting volcano is
said to be dormant.
They are not active
now, but they might
erupt again someday.
The Western United
States has some
dormant volcanoes.
Mount St. Helen’s
erupted in 1980, in
Washington State. At
the time, it was
considered a dormant
volcano. It smoked
for a few weeks and
then exploded. It was
the worst volcanic
disaster in American
A volcano that will
never be active again
is called an extinct
volcano. Crater Lake
in Oregon is inside a
huge extinct volcano.
A crater is a hole in
the earth or on top of
a mountain formed by
a volcano.
Some volcanoes are
loud and have flaming
rivers of lava pouring
down. Some volcanoes
just quietly spit out
clouds of steam and
smoke. Not all
volcanoes have lava.
Volcanoes can create
islands out of lava that
rises from the ocean
floor. Volcanic ash
and lava make good
soil. Volcanoes can
also provide heat and
power. Maybe some
day we will get our
power from volcanoes.
active volcano – a volcano that can erupt at any time
active volcanoes, 12
Crater Lake, Oregon – a lake inside a huge extinct
Crater Lake, Oregon, 18
dormant volcano, 14
Dormant volcano- a resting volcano, not active now,
but it could be later
erupt - to burst out violently, as lava bursts out of a
eruption, 8
extinct volcano, 18
gases, 4
extinct volcano – a volcano that will never erupt ever
lava – melted rock exploding out of the top of a
lava, 6, 10, 20
magma, 4
melted rock, 4
magma – melted rock still inside the volcano
volcano – a large cone shaped hole in the earth that
sometimes spits out melted rocks, dust, gas, and
Mount Saint Helen’s, 16
resting volcano, 14
More Great Books To Read
Title: The Magic School Bus / Blows it’s Top
Author: Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen
Publisher: Scholastic
Copyright: 1996
Title: Eyewitness Books / Volacano & Earthquake
Author: Susanna van Rose
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley
Copyright: 1992
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Douglas Meyers- Technology Director
Dan Mader- Art Director / Illustrator
Robert Rance - Photo Selections
Robert Rance - Audio Engineering
Robert Rance – Research & Development
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