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We believe in ONE God
1) God vs. No God (Atheism)
2) One vs. multi-gods (Polytheism)
3) The One God of Christianity
1) God vs. No God
Proofs of God’s Existence:
a) Human body
b) Nature on Earth
c) Universe
Existence of God
a) Human body
Circulatory System…….
Immune System……
Skeletal System…….....
Excretory System….
Muscular System………
Endocrine System…
Digestive System………
Nervous System…...
Respiratory System……
Existence of God
b) Nature on Earth
• Plants
• Animals
• Matter and Energy
• Atmosphere, Climate and Weather
• Physical laws and phenomenon
Existence of God
C) Universe
• Earth and other planets rotates
around the Sun => Our Solar System
• More than one solar system forms
a Galaxy (Milky Way)
• Billions of Galaxies exist within the
observable universe
The Earth is our own home we all share
Her beauty is showing every moment even without our
influence …
This was really enlightening, right?
But let’s take a look beyond our Solar
Sun is less than
1 pixel
Jupiiter is invisible at
this scale!
This was really more enlightening,
But let’s take a look beyond our
Galaxy (Milky Way)...
Red Regions Correspond to Galaxies
(Billions of galaxies are estimated in the
observable universe)
What about the non-observable Galaxies
that are not discovered yet?
“The Almighty Creator”
2) God vs. Multi-gods
a) Polytheism:
e.g. Hinduism, Buddhism, Ancient
b) God has to be One:
- Can be more than one God
same attributes e.g. being
infinite or having the same will?
- The Holy Bible emphasizes
the One God
3) The One God of Christianity
a) God is Spirit
b) God is Infinitely Perfect
c) God and His Perfections are one
d) God is Personal
e) God is Trinitarian