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Vol. 1
No. 5
Our library has only January & February
newspapers from 1861, but it is such an
important year in American history I decided to do an issue for that year. It is, of
course, the year that our civil war started.
In the absence of news on that subject the
L.G.O.T. offers a Civil War Quiz designed
for the average person, not war buffs. I
think you will find it interesting. In the
1860s slavery, which federal law did not
prohibit, was a controversial issue, but a
secondary, some would say primary, issue
was that of states rights versus the preservation of the union. During the winter of
1860-1861, South Carolina seceded from
the union, followed by Mississippi, Florida,
Alabama, Georgia and Texas.
Lincoln’s Inaugural Address.
Fellow Citizens of the United States:
In compliance with a custom as old
as the Government itself, I appear
before you, to address you and to
take, in your presence, the Oath prescribed by the Constitution of the
United States.
Apprehension seems to exist among
the people of the Southern States,
that by the accession of a Republican
Administration their property, prosperity and personal security are to be
endangered. There has never been
any reasonable cause for such apprehension. I declare that I have no
purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery
in the States where it exists.
Those who nominated me and elected me did so with the full knowledge
that I had made this declaration, and
more than this, they placed in the
platform for my acceptance, as a law
to themselves, and to me, the clear
and emphatic resolution which I now
Resolved, That the maintenance
inviolate of the rights of the States,
especially the rights of each State to
order and control its own domestic
institutions according to its own
judgment exclusively, is essential to
that balance of power on which the
perfection and endurance of our political fabric depends, and we denounce
the lawless invasion by armed force,
of any State or Territory, no matter
what pretense, as among the gravest
of crimes.
If the United States is not a government proper, but an association of
States in the nature of a mere contract, can it as a contract be peaceably
unmade by less than all the parties
who made it? One party to a contract
may violate it, but does it not require
all to lawfully rescind it? Descending
from these general principles we find
the proposition that in legal contemplation, the Union is perpetual, confirmed so by the history of the Union
itself. …in 1787 one of the declared
objects for ordaining and establishing
the Constitution, was to form a more
perfect Union.
It follows from these views that no
State upon it own mere motion, can
lawfully get out of the Union, that
ordinances to that effect are legally
void, and that acts of violence, within
any State, against the authority of the
United States, are insurrectionary or
revolutionary. I therefore consider
that in view of the Constitution and
laws, the Union is unbroken, and to
the extent of my ability, I shall take
care that the laws of the Union be
faithfully executed in all the States.
A Photograph of South Carolina
(from the New York World.)
South Carolina presents a curious
An exchequer without
funds, a State that dreads taxation; a
legislature that hesitates to subsidize,
while it declares its liberties, its danger, and invokes revolution; a people
who repudiate their debts to the distress of their neighbors; a banking
system that refuses to redeem its own
notes; a State that rebels against laws
whose repeal they never demanded;
whose revolution is not in favor of
freedom, which has always been the
case in every other country, but a
revolution in favor of extending slavery into territories now free.
Sitting to-night in my chamber,
A bachelor, frigid and lonely,
I kiss the end of my pipe-stem -That, and that only.
Reveries rise with the smoke-wreaths,
Memories tender surround me,
Girls that are married -- or buried,
Gather around me.
School-girls in pantalets romping;
Girls that have grown to be misses;
Girls that like to be kissed, and
like to give kisses.
Anna was tender and gentle;
to woo was almost to win her;
Her lips were as good as ripe peaches,
and milk for dinner.
Charlotte, and Susan, and Hattie,
Mary Jane, Lucy and Maggie;
Four are married and plump, two are
Maiden and scraggy.
Thus I sit smoking and thinking;
A bachelor, frigid and lonely;
I kiss the end of my pipe-stem;
That, and that only.
Home Collegiate Institute – We see by
the Whitewater Register an act has
been passed by the Legislature incorporating an institution of learning in
the thriving village of Whitewater,
under the name of Home Collegiate
We are glad to know that the people of Whitewater understand their
true interests and have the enterprise to promote them, by the establishment of a Literary Institute of
such a character in their midst. May
success attend their efforts in that
Revival meetings will continue in the
Presbyterian Church in this place;
and we have good reason to believe
that the untiring efforts of the Ministry here have been four-fold rewarded. Scores have been made happy by
making their peace with God.
Local Items
Having recently
added to our Job Department a choice
selection of new job and card types,
we can supply all demands, on short
notice, in a neat and tasty manner.
SOLD OUT! Hubbard and Meigs
have sold out their stock of hardware
to John Haskins, who intends, we
believe, to occupy the same store formerly owned by them.
Quigley will please
accept our thanks for a pitcher of
excellent champagne cider.
for non-war buffs
1. How long did common people believe the
war would last? 1, 2, 3 or 4 years
2. In what state did the northernmost battle
engagement take place? West Virginia, Indiana, Vermont, Oregon
3. In the civil war novel “Gone With The
Wind”, who was Scarlett’s last husband?
Charles Hamilton, Rhett Butler, Frank Kennedy, Brent Tarlton
4. What sport became popular during the
Civil War? baseball, soccer, basketball,
5. Provisions for the soldiers did NOT include what? chicken, beans, salted beef,
dried vegetables
The wife of a citizen of Geneva,
Walworth County, and three children,
died from the effects of a poison administered in their food. A servant
girl confesses to the deed, alleging
that it was her intent to poison the
whole family, and that her object was
to get the husband’s money.
Racine Journal.
The above, we think, is certainly an
item of news to the citizens of our
quiet village.- Surely we have not
been advised of any such nefarious
transaction. The statement of the
Journal is itself demurable. It don’t
“state facts sufficient to constitute a
cause of action.”The idea that any one
man hereabouts has money enough to
induce even the most depraved to
commit such a crime is preposterous.
 The Republicans of Geneva have
determined to ballot for postmaster,
on the 4th inst. E. B. Farnum gave
public notice that he was not a candidate. – Oshkosh Northwestern.
And after all was done, Mr. Farnum
claims to be elected, as there were
only seventy-four votes polled for all
other candidates, against six hundred
who did not vote at all. The latter
class, Mr. Farnum claims as his supporters.
Dissolution of Co-Partnership
We understand that the copartnership heretofore existing, under the firm of MOODY & FARNUM, is
dissolved. The business will be conducted hereafter by E. B. Farnum, at
the old stand, next to J. J. Dewey’s.
6. Which battle is considered the turning
point of the war? Shiloh, Gettysburg,
Vicksburg, Bull Run
7. How much did the Civil War cost the U.
S. government? $2 billion total, $2.5 million a day, $1.3 million a year, $2,000 a day
8. Which of these diseases was NOT common among soldiers? measles, scurvy,
typhoid fever, flu
9. Which state did NOT seek secession from
the union? Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas
10. What famous Civil War figure said, “ I
failed. I failed. And that is all that can
be said about it.” Abraham Lincoln, U. S.
Grant, Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis
11. What was done for the first time in the
Civil War that led to the worst rioting in
U. S. history? A federal merchant fleet,
centralized banking , the draft, war bonds
12. What modern day institution was created
under Lincoln to save the Union money
thus funding the war effort? centralized
banking, department of transportation, casino gambling, war department
13. During the Civil War many State Militias were formed. What became of
them after the war? They disbanded.
They blended into the regular army. Most
of them were wiped out. They were formed
into the National Guard.
14. Which of these industries is credited for
winning the war for the north? railroads,
shipbuilders, ammunition, construction
15. Why did Birmingham, Alabama, not
contribute a single soldier to the Confederate army?
Mr. Lincoln’s Cabinet
In the selection of the legal and
official advisors of the new President,
says the Free Democrat, nearly every
distinct element of the Republican
party is represented, while every
prominent [Republican] candidate for
the Presidency, upon whose defeat
Mr. Lincoln’s success was built, has
thus been made an almost equal
sharer in the honors and responsibilities of the new administration. This
is no accidental circumstance, but a
stroke of consummate policy and
statesmanship. And the selections
are not less just and proper than politic. The names of Seward, Bates,
Chase and Cameron had been pressed
upon the party by their respective
adherents, for their eminent fitness
and ability. They have all, as well as
the other members of the cabinet,
been recognized as the first minds of
the age, as statesmen and patriots
without superiors, and as men and
citizens without stain or reproach.
The annunciation of this Cabinet
closed every open fracture in the fabric of the party.
[This sounds good, but for the real scoop
on Mr. Lincoln’s cabinet, go to and select
“cabinet”. It is an interesting read.]
A meeting held in our village on
Tuesday evening, to take into consideration the subject of making a connection by the above named Road,
with the Wis. Central R. R. at Genoa.
A committee was appointed to confer
with B. W. Raymond, who has the
sole charge of the Central Road, asking him to favor the proposed arrangement. The meeting adjourned
until next Tuesday evening, expecting
in the mean time, to ascertain what
the Chicago & Galena Co. are willing
to do.
Without indicating any of the advantages or disadvantages which
might grow out of such an arrangement, we would say to our citizens
that a connection with the Kenosha
Road might produce nothing but galvanic life after all, and that we may
sooner or later be left in a more hopeless condition as regards Rail Road
Conveniences, than we are at present.
PRESSER – As the Sewing Machine is
Answers to Quiz
1. 1 year. 2. Vermont. (In October
1864 Lieutenant Bennett Young and
twenty Confederate soldiers traveled
across the border from Canada and
captured the town of St. Albans, Vermont. Lieutenant Young with a gun
drawn said, "This city is now in the
possession of the Confederate States of
America.") 3. Rhett Butler 4. baseball.
5. chicken. 6. Gettysburg. 7. 2.5 million a day. 8. flu (That problem was
enormous in WWI) 9. Kentucky 10.
Abraham Lincoln. (Said right after his
Gettysburg address.)
11. the draft.
12. centralized banking. 13. National
Guard. 14. railroads. (The boom period of railroad building was during and
right after the Civil War.) 15. because
Birmingham was not founded until the
The Weather.—The Thermometer
Thursday afternoon of this week,
stood 18 degrees below zero; at 6 1/2
o’clock zero. Friday morning at 19
degrees below zero. The varience of
the weather teller in about 19 hours
is 40 degrees. We must have had a
warm gust from Charleston about
that time. Waft on ye gentle breezes.
“Strike, but Hear.”
To the Russian Censorship over the
press, has been added an article,
obliging all editors of newspapers and
periodicals to print gratis, the replies
of parties they have been attacked in
their columns. New York Independent.
I know nothing of the other articles alluded to, but the above is surely a good
mode of checking the vile slanders often
circulated in newspapers. F. FOCHS
We will accede to this, friend F., providing such articles bear no fictitious signatures and sail out under true colors.
A man by the name of Leary was
murdered in a drunken row, at Racine, Feb. 28th.
10 lbs for one dollar at, Moody & Farnum’s
becoming of such interest to every
family, we feel called upon to name to
the public this valuable improvement
recently attached to the Wheeler &
Wilson machine. A Sewing Machine
is not complete without it. It can only
be had with Wheeler & Wilson’s Machines. – Chicago Journal
Sold by Wm. R. Davis, Geneva, Wis
In the village of Geneva, 19th, ult.
MARY F., daughter of HENRY and MARY M.
Aged 5 years and 5
Farwell beloved Mary,
Thou art an angel now –
Safe in the arms of Jesus –
A crown is on thy brow.
New BARBER SHOP – Frank Jones
just opened the “one thing needful” – a
Barber Shop, for the benefit of the public.
Shop over Moody & Farnum’s Drug Store.
My Wife, Hellen Steidcer, has this day
left my bed and board without cause or
provocation. I therefore forbid all persons
from harboring her or trusting her on any
account, as I shall pay no debts of her contracting after this date.
Geneva, Jan. 31st, 1861
J. Simmons
Elkhorn, Walworth County, . . . . Wis.
E. D. Richardson, - - - - - - Banker,
D. R. MAY, - - - - -Cashier,
Will buy and sell Exchange, GOLD and
SILVER, and uncurrent BANK NOTES – make
collections and attend to all other matters
pertaining to the BANKING BUSINESS.
The Lake Geneva Old Times is sponsored and financially supported by the
Lake Geneva Historic Preservation
Commission. Each issue represents
one year of authentic old news. It is
free to the public. The public may
obtain copies at the Library, First Bank,
Grandma Vickie’s Café, Dunn Lumber,
Pick-N-Save & Starbucks. Back issues
can be purchased for 50 cents each.
Editor, Denny Teichow, 262-248-6313.