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Comparing Footprints Between
LEDC’s and MEDC’s (Section 3.8.3)
1. What do you predict the relationship to be between the wealth (GDP,
PPP) and the Ecological footprint of a country?
2. Suggest some reasons for the relationship you have stated above.
3. Look at the bar graph on page 8 of the WWF Living Planet report and
select a high, medium and low range country in terms of ecological
4. For each country, describe (in point form) the relative size of each the six
5. Compare and contrast the 3 countries in terms of the total footprint size
and the size of each of the 6 components (Carbon
6. Explain or suggest reasons for the differences you have described in part
Things to consider in answering part 5.
-animal protein uses more energy and water to produce than grain
-CO2 emissions are very directly linked to fossil fuel consumption
-CO2 fixation varies greatly from region depending on climate and vegetation
-intensive commercial farming is very dependent on fossil fuels
7. Are there any countries which surprised you (analogies) in terms of their
rankings ?