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SBI 3C1 – Microbiology
Friday March 23th
1. Why did the government destroy the infected village in 1967?
To completely eradicate the Motaba Virus and prevent it from having any
chance of spreading
2. How many levels of biosafety were there?
3. Which biosafety level was the deadliest and name one virus found there?
BL 4: Ebola Virus, Lassa Virus, Hanta Virus
4. What does incubation rate mean?
The length of time it takes for a person to start to show symptoms of a disease after
they have been exposed to a disease-causing microorganism
5. What does a 100% mortality rate mean?
Certain death. No chance of surviving the disease
6. A carrier (or host) is someone who ________________________________.
Is the very first person/animal to contract a new disease and initiate its spreading.
7. What is the CDC - C________ for D______________ C_____________.
Centre for Disease COntrol
8. What did the monkey do to James/Jim in the car and why was this significant?
Besty (the monkey) spat water into Jimbo’s mouth, infecting him with the Motaba Virus.
9. Why was the Motaba Virus so dangerous after it mutated?
It became airborne, making it much easier for it to spread
10. What happened to Henry in the lab and why was this significant?
He had infected blood splatter all over his face, infecting him with the virus
11. What happened in the hospital that made the problem worse?
The Air ducts/ventilation system started to spread the now airborne disease beyond the
quarantined area.
12. What is “antiserum”?
Blood serum which contains disease fighting antibodies. The antibodies attach to
the infecting virus, which the body then recognizes as foreign and dangerous,
prompting it to attack more robustly.
13. Why doctors conduct tests on monkey’s?
The are very closely related to humans, so we can assume that what works on them, will also
work on us.
14. What happened to the pet shop monkey which had been given the experimental
It got better!
15. What happened to the bodies of the victims in this town?
Incinerated! (burned)
16. What is a pandemic?
A large scale (country, continent or planet wide) spread of a very infectious disease,
spreading quickly and infecting a lot of people