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Module Description
This module explores the subject of business ethics and the related concept
of corporate social responsibility. The module assesses the business need
for ethical practice, and examines the strategies through which ethical
practices can become embedded. Upon completion of the module it is
anticipated that students will have an enhanced understanding of the
importance and relevance of ethics for business practice. More practically, it
is anticipated that students will be able to apply ethical theory and moral
reasoning to management decision-making.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a key concept in
business operations and organizational management in recent years. The
module will examine the background of CSR, its current applications,
challenges, limitations as well as the different forms it can take such as HR
policy and codes of conduct, legislation, and administration. It will also take
account of its wider impact on society.
Learning Outcomes
On completion of this module, students will be able to:
1. Understand the fundamentals of ethical philosophy and apply moral
reasoning to business decision-making
2. Recommend appropriate strategies and procedures for introducing,
sustaining and monitoring ethical business practice
3. Critically evaluate the key concepts relating to CSR, as well as the
opportunities, limitations and challenges its implementation places upon
businesses and their employees
4. Evaluate critically the role and impact of ethical policies, and actions, and
their impact on various stakeholders.
Indicative Content
Ethical behaviour and regulation
Business and social justice cases for ethical behaviour
Moral philosophy
Ethics and marketing communications
Ethical aspects of accounting and company financial reporting
Ethics and globalization
Ethics issues in business resourcing: supply and demand
Environmental impacts of business activities
Whistle-blowing and the impact of the Public Interest Disclosure Act
Ethical policies and codes of practice
Learning & Teaching Strategies
The module will be delivered through a combination of lecture and seminar
sessions. Use will be made of case studies and students will be provided
with the opportunity to wrestle with business-related ethical dilemmas. Selfmanaged learning will supplement lectures and seminars, and students will
be provided with guidance in the required reading.
Report (3,500 words) (on the business case for ethical behaviour and the
means for promoting and maintaining ethical organizational behaviour)
Specific Learning Resources
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