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Daily Grammar Practice
MONDAY: Identify each word’s PART OF SPEECH. Noun (common, proper, possessive);
Pronoun (type: personal [1st, 2nd , 3rd person], reflexive, relative, interrogative, demonstrative,
indefinite); Adverb; Adjective; Preposition; Conjunction (coordinating, subordinating, correlative);
Verb (type: action, linking, helping; tense: part, present, future, past perfect, present perfect, future
perfect); Verbal (gerund, participle, infinitive)
poe makes extensive use of onomatopoeia in his poem the raven
TUESDAY: Identify the SENTENCE PARTS AND PHRASES. Subject; Verb (transitive,
intransitive);Complement (direct object, indirect object, predicate nominative, predicate adjective);
Phrases (appositive/appositive phrase; adv or adj prepositional phrase, object of the preposition;
infinitive phrase, object of the infinitive, subject of the infinitive; participle phrase, object of the
participle; gerund phrase, object of the gerund; object complement)
poe makes extensive use of onomatopoeia in his poem the raven
Clauses (Independent—there must always be an independent clause; Dependent—adv, adj, noun);
Sentence Type (simple, compound, complex, compound-complex)
poe makes extensive use of onomatopoeia in his poem the raven
THURSDAY: add PUNCTUATION AND CAPITALIZATION Semicolon, colon, apostrophe,
underlining, quotation marks, hyphen, dash, comma
poe makes extensive use of onomatopoeia in his poem the raven
FRIDAY: It’s vs. its, your vs. you’re, & there/their/they’re
1. Read pages 35-36 and 45-46 of chapter 1 from Grammar Girl. For there/their/they’re, you’ll have
to do some independent research.
2. Correctly choose the appropriate words below.
3. Explain why your choice is correct and the other choice is incorrect.
A. “It’s/Its autonomy we want!” cried the protesters. “Tyranny has had it’s/its day and now
it’s/its time for an equitable government to take it’s/its place! We, the students of Parkland,
hold this truth to be axiomatic: that Beowulf is boss because it’s/its his prerogative. His reign
will be salutary for the good students of Parkland, as it’s/its precepts will be just and right.”
• Explanations:
B. “Your/You’re feathers are all ruffled,” said Chantecleer to Pertelote, “and your/you’re just
looking a terrible mess. Go clean your/you’re feathers. I’m going to check on your/you’re
fellow hens.” Pertelote replied: “Very well, my dear, but here is a caveat: do beware of the fox.
He told me he thinks your/you’re looking mighty tasty. And also beware of false kennings, or
Waldraff will take points off your/you’re exam.”
• Explanations:
C. “Let’s go over there/their/they’re! There/Their/They’re giving away there/their/they’re ice
cream for free today,” said Hrothgar. “I love the Ben & Jerry’s free scoop day!” cried Grendel.
“There/Their/They’re ice cream is the best—way better than that place over
there/their/they’re!” “I know, right!” Hrothgar replied. “There/Their/They’re so generous
and there/their/they’re mead ice cream is my favorite.” “I love that there/their/they’re
friends now,” Beowulf grinned. “Yes,” Unferth smiled back, “there/their/they’re feud was so
petulant!” They chuckled together under there/their/they’re breath.
• Explanations: