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Ch 20 Wiki Assignment
1. Define predation. How does predation affect a community?
2. How does natural selection favor predation? Give several specific examples of how predators
and prey have adapted/evolved.
3. Describe how prey animals have made adaptations in response to the predator. Include
camouflage, Batesian mimicry, Muellerian mimicry and aposematic coloration(this one is not in
the book).
4. How have plants made adaptations to defend off predators. Be sure to include specific
examples of physical adaptation and secondary compounds.
5. What is interspecific competition? Give specific examples of both plants and animals.
6. What is the competitive exclusion principle? Find pictures of the Gause experiment (usually
shows a line graph) and the barnacles (usually shows them growing on the side of a rock)
experiment. Describe what is taking place in each of the experiments.
7. Define resource partitioning and give examples. Include a picture.
8. Define character displacement and give examples. Include a picture.
9. Define parasitism. Give examples and pictures. Include definitions of ecto- and endoparasites.
10. Define mutualism. Give examples and pictures.
11. Define commensalism. Give examples and pictures.
12. Explain the difference between species richness and species evenness. Find a problem that asks
students to calculate each. At what latitude is species richness the greatest? Which biome is
13. Explain species-area effect. Explain the important practical consequence of this.
14. Define disturbances and Stability. Give examples of each.
15. Define ecological succession. Where can early stages be seen?
16. What is primary succession. Give some examples, include pictures.
17. What is secondary succession. Give some examples, include pictures.
18. What are pioneer species? Give examples of pioneer species in primary succession and in
secondary succession.
19. Describe the step by step events that might occur to turn a pond into an oak forest.
20. Define a climax community. Give examples of a climax community for our biome. Give an
example of a climax community for another biome of your choice.
21. Answer question 1 in the review on pg 410.
22. Answer question 2 in the review on pg 410.
23. Answer question 3 in the review on pg 410.
24. Answer question 4 in the review on pg 410.
25. Answer question 5 in the review on pg 410.
26. Answer question 6 in the review on pg 410.
27. Answer question 7 in the review on pg 410.