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Solar System
Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun.
It is 228 million miles from the Sun.
One orbit is 687 Earth days.
One rotation for Mars is 24.5 Earth hours.
Mars is the tiny red ball next to Jupiter in
the bottom left corner. This is not an
authentic picture. The planets are far from
each other, and the closest Earth and
Mars were to each other were 33.9 million
Mars has two moons . Their names are
Deimos and Phobos .
• This is a picture of the two moons of Mars.
Deimos is the smaller one, and Phobos is
the bigger one .
Planet appearance
Mars is a tiny red planet that
is half the size of Earth, and
the red can only be seen by
Earthlings. There is black mixed
in with the red, and also a
little white. There are craters
and mountains and valleys.
Rover on Mars !!!
This is a picture of one of the shadows of
one of the rovers on Mars. Many people
have sent them , so you can easily find a
picture online .
There are many satellites . One of
them is called Mars Orbiter
Mission , or MOM . Mars is the
most explored planet in our solar
system . The first interplanetary
mission was in 1960 .
This is a picture of the MOM
satellite .
The name of the month March comes from
the name Mars.
Mars has the largest volcano in the solar
system . It is called Olympus Mons ,
and it’s three times larger than Mount
Mars has an unbreathable atmosphere , so
humans couldn’t breathe. Also, it is very
cold there so we might freeze to death. The
temperature is usually -85 degrees
fahrenheit, and the summer is 25 degrees.
More Facts
There is a white spot on mars many people
believe to be snow.
Scientists aren’t quite sure what it is.
 Mars is half the size of Earth.
Mars was names after a Greek god.
I WOULD WEIGH 54.2 on mars
Hope you enjoyed!!!! =)