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Book 2, Chapter 3 Using Electricity and Magnetism Study Guide
1. A galvanometer uses the magnetic force from a current through a
loop of wire in a circuit to measure?
2. A commutator is a device that reverses the current through a(n)
3. What is a coil of wire with a current called?
4. A turbine
5. When a wore with a current is placed in a magnetic fireld
6. Alternating current allows efficient electrical energy transmission
7. What is a current that consists of charges that move back and
forth in a circuit?
8. The relationship between electricity and magnetism is called
9. A generator uses motion in a magnetic field
Generating an electric current from the motion of a
conductor through a magnetic field is called
Most electric motors have an arrangement of hundreds of
loops of wire wrapped around an iron core. This arrangement is
called a(n) ___________________________
An electric generator transforms __________________into
electrical energy.
A solenoid with a ferromagnetic core is called a(n)
The ability to move an object over a distance is called
A(n) ___________________________ is a device that increases or
decreases voltage.
True or false – if false fix
A(n) generator transforms electrical energy to mechanical
The type of current produced by the battery in a calculator
is direct current.
The energy associated with electric currents is called
mechanical energy.
In a transformer, the primary coil is connected to a voltage
A(n) electric current will be induced in a conductor when
the conductor moves through a magnetic field.
Diagram – generating plant to transforms to house picture on p
Which transformed is a step-up transformer? Which is a
step-down transformer? How do you know?
Which section of the circuit has the greatest voltage? How
do you know?
What are 3 distinct characteristics of a magnetic field
produced by a current?
Can a transformer work with direct current? Explain your
What causes the pointer to move in a galvanometer?
Use the picture to answer 26-27 Picture on page 98
Whay type of device is shown in the diagram? Explain how
you know what it is.
Why wouldn’t this device work? How could you change it to
make it work?
Contract the current produced by an AC generator and that
produced by a battery.
Describe four ways you can increases the strength of al
electromagnet’s field.
Contrast current in an electric motor and a generator.