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Term 2 Exam 2 Study Guide Part 2
What are pesticides?
What are two ways the sea urchin uses its spines?
How is the echinoderm skeleton different than the arthropod skeleton?
What is ecology?
What are 4 groups of echinoderms?
What do starfish eat?
Why do ecologists care about insects?
What are tube feet?
Why do farmers care about insects?
What are 4 types of organisms that get energy from eating insects?
What are two uses of the water vascular system in echinoderms?
How do sand dollars get food?
What is a decomposer?
What do sea urchins eat?
What are 2 types of insects that sometimes spread human diseases?
What do termites eat?
What is a pollinator?
Why is it bad for some plants if the number of bees keeps going down?
What are characteristics of echinoderms?
What are two problems with pesticides?
What is biological control? Give an example.
Why are sea urchin numbers in decline?
What is a producer?
Are echinoderms hermaphrodites or do they have males and females?
What is one human disease that is spread by an insect?
How do starfish get oxygen?
What is strange about the starfish stomach?
_____ starfish
a. human disease spread by mosquitos
_____ tube feet
b. organism that makes its own food
_____ hermaphrodite
c. a type of echinoderm that is a predator
_____ arachnids
d. skeleton on the outside of the body
_____ pesticide
e. used to get oxygen from water
_____ decomposer
f. sensory structure in arthropods
_____ gills
g. includes spiders and scorpions
_____ malaria
h. an insect that can eat wood
_____ sea urchin
i. has 3 body segments and 6 legs
_____ water vascular system
j. study of how organisms interact with the environment
_____ endoskeleton
k. organism that helps flowering plants to reproduce
_____ exoskeleton
l. organism that is male and female
_____ antennae
m. small structures used to help echinoderms move
_____ echinoderms
n. chemical used to kill insects and other organisms
_____ producer
o. organism that breaks down dead organisms for food
_____ termite
p. includes sand dollars, sea cucumbers, and starfish
_____ ecology
q. echinoderm that eats kelp
_____ pollinator
r. tubes that store water in starfish
_____ insects
s. skeleton on the inside of the body