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ExpoTees Conference 2017 Data Science
23 May: 9.00am - 1.00pm : The Curve, Teesside University
ExpoTees Conference 2017: Data Science is a new conference running in conjunction
with our renowned ExpoTees showcase. It will focus on developments in data science (in
particular artificial intelligence, big data and data mining), bringing together businesses,
academics and researchers. There will be opportunities to hear from industry experts
and network with like-minded academics and data science researchers. You will also find out
more about how to collaborate with Teesside University to access staff expertise and
knowledge, and identify talented students and graduates.
The programme runs 9.00am - 1.00pm, to allow you to attend the ExpoTees student
showcase during the afternoon, and will include a networking lunch.
Internet of Everything? The Big Society implications of IoT, Big
Data & Big Decisions
Paul Williams, Cloudview
Customer-centric technologist who has
worked in senior IT, business
development and customer experience
roles, Paul has worked as a consultant
and for everything from start-ups to
multi-billion dollar organisations. With over 22 years of experience in
the IT sector, and having designed & implemented one of the first cloud-based email services
at Sun Microsystems and been involved in a number of projects involving personal and
patient data, Paul has witnessed first-hand how our ability to secure and use data has
improved peoples’ lives. People and society can benefit from the combination of big data,
artificial intelligence and large-scale integrated networks, but we have choices to make that
will affect how we live and what our collective future will look like.
Artificial Intelligence and building solutions now using Microsoft Azure
Amy Nicholson, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
The world and technology are once again transforming, the vast majority of the worlds data
is now digital and customers who are harnessing the power of big data, the cloud and
intelligent applications are doing revolutionary things. This talk will help you answer some key
questions around what is artificial intelligence? Why has it exploded as the next big thing?
And how can you build AI solutions using data services on Microsoft Azure?
Amy will introduce you to some of the game changing technologies people are using *today*
to make their applications stand out from the rest, using advanced analytics, machine
learning services and IoT technologies. By diving into the services that build up advanced
analytics architectures in the cloud, creating machine learning models and harnessing
intelligence via APIs.
Amy Nicholson, Microsoft
Amy is a technical evangelist in Microsoft’s Developer
Experience Division, having obtained a degree in computer
science and completing a research project in natural language
processing and machine learning. She is passionate about Data
Science, Machine Learning and Internet of Things. Amy helps
customers to envision, design and build their cloud solutions
and specialises in the Microsoft Azure Data Platform. You will
find her sharing her content and learnings online and at in
person events.
For more information contact
Joanne Marwood
T: 01642 342608
E: [email protected]