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Cell Organization
Specialization –
Tissue –
specific cells have specific functions
Ex) nerve, blood (fight disease), muscle (movement) cells
Group of similar cells that are organized to do a specific job
Ex) Skin – protect and support us
Organ –
Different tissues that work together to perform a function
Ex) leaf provides energy and material for plant
Tissue that brings in water and nutrients
Tissue that uses Sun’s energy to make sugar
Tissue that moves sugar to parts of plant
Organ system –
Groups of organs that perform a function
Ex) Root systems, humans – 11 systems (circulatory, nervous, etc)
Levels of Organization
Animal Cell
Plant Cell
Tissue –
Tissue – sun is used
to make sugar
Organ - heart
Organ - Leaf
Systems – leaf
and root
Organ system –
circulatory system
Organism - Gecko
Organism – Maple