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The Oral Cavity--- a.k.a.
• The Saltine Cracker Challenge!
•Digestive System
Major Functions of
the Mouth
Initial analysis
Mech. process
Limited Digestion
** But NO absorption of nutrients
1. lips = labia
2. vestibule =space between cheeks and teeth
3. gingiva = gums
Can be paplated... 4. hard palate = most anterior roof of
Can be paplated...  5. soft palate = posterior roof of mouth
6. uvula = hangs in back
7. Tongue  helps…
a. Mech. Processing… ( compression)
b. Assists in chewing
c. detects senses like touch/ temp/ taste
d. secretes mucus and the enzyme lipase
which  breaks down lipids
More Parts….
8. frenulum = attaches tongue to floor of cavity
9. 3 pairs of Salivary Glands secrete 1 – 1.5L of saliva
a day; pH = 7; 99.4 % water (0.6 % ions and amylase
which begins absorption of carbs.
A. Parotid ( ear)
B. Sublingual ( under tongue)
C. Submandibular
(posterior to teeth--- secretes Amylase)
10. Teeth perform Mastication = chewing
( which breaks down connective tissue of meat and fiber
in plants
a. dentin = like bone ( non-living)
b. pulp cavity = blood and nerves
c. root canal = narrow tunnels @ base/ root of tooth
d. crown = visible part covered with enamel
Problems of the Oral Cavity
gingivitis = bacteria in gums
plaque = sticky matrix of food/ bacteria
tartar = hard calcified plaque
dental caries = cavities
root canal = removal of all bacteria in canal
impacted wisdom tooth = not enough room or
out of place
** Floss daily to remove bacteria that a toothbrush
can’t get to
4 Main Types of Teeth w/diff. functions
incisors = cut/ clip… in front
cuspids (canines) = tear and slash
bicuspids (premolars) = crush/ mash/ grind
molars = crush/ grind
Dental Succession
1. Deciduous = primary/ milk/ baby 20
2. Permanent = secondary/ adult 32
3. Third molars = wisdom teeth
On a white sheet of paper….
• Draw, color, label and title Fig. 15.5 pg.
406– include the names of teeth from
Fig. 15.8 pg. 407
• Draw, color, label and title Fig.15.9 pg.
• Staple this paper to your Digestive
Drawing from earlier this week… due