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What are
blood cells?
Your body carries little
blood cells. Your blood
cells contain your
blood. Blood cells are
a very unusual shape.
They are usually red
or white. Red blood
cells are the size
of11.5-14.5%. White
blood cells are called
(WBCs) cause there
taking the first letter of
each word.
Why we need
blood cells.
Where blood cells go
Red blood cells (RBCs) contain
hemoglobin which carries oxygen
all over the body allowing us to
function properly. Red blood cells
carry nutrients and minerals all
around the body as well as taking
toxins to the liver were they can be
disposed of. Respiration is there
key to working right. In your lungs
each red blood cell picks up red
oxygen. A red cell contains an ironrich protein called hemoglobin
that oxidizes or rusts as it were in
your lungs. Blood cells fight to kill
germs and infections in the body.
Red blood cells can produce
oxygen white cells can not. Did you
know CO2 means carbon dioxide.
what Blood cells need to work.
A diagram of a blood cell.
This is a list of what blood
cells need to work;
Amino acids
Oxygen etc.
Ways to dispose of food
How blood cells
Erythropoietin and
low oxygen can
regulate the
production of red
blood cells. RBC
means red blood
cells. Blood cells
get pushed by the
oxygen you breath
in, so blood goes
all around your
What is the texture of blood cells?
The texture of a blood
Cell is smooth and little
Bumps here and there. In this
picture there are red blood cells
with over 5162 textures on the
little tiny blood cells. Can you
believe theirs that many
textures on blood cells.
Little blood cells.
How blood cells die.
Blood cells can die in many ways like
an infection, poisoning, overheating,
or lack of oxygen. The cell can swell
up and its contents leak away. This
may damage other cells around them.
It seems that cells often choose to kill
themselves. We now know that
controlled cell death is crucial for
normal human development and good
health throughout the life.
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