Download all-purpose dc regulated power supply

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The CSI-4PLUS DC regulated power supply is a multi-function power supply
with four-way DC and one-way AC. The special design of the internal circuitry improves
the security, stabilization and reliability of the power supply. The power supply has an
accurate digital voltage meter and current meter which can synchronously show the
accurate output voltage and current. All of the fan-out is equipped with the standard
security faucet which can largely improve the security. As a new multi-function power
supply, it is more functional for schools and scientific research institutions to use as
teaching equipment.
DC 0-500V adjustable output: four digit figure voltage meter indicates the output
voltage. The output current is 5mA. When the voltage is over-loading, it can turn off
automatically. It must be turned on by hand.
DC 0-20V adjustable output: four digit figure voltage meter indicates the output
voltage. The output current between 0 and 6A can be adjustable. Four-digit figure current
meter indicates the output current. When the circuit shorts or is in constant current mode
of operation, the alarm will ring and can reset automatically.
It can choose the DC output between the ±5V and ±8V. The maximum output
current is 1.2A. This output features with the over temperature protection, the
dissymmetrical output and the short circuit alarm. It can reset automatically.
It can choose the AC output among the 2V, 6.3V, 9V and 12V. The maximum
current output is 2.5A. This output features with overload (e.g. short circuit) protection
and alarm. It can reset automatically.
1. Input voltage: AC110V±5%, 60Hz±2Hz, 220VA 2A
2. Input fuse specifications: F4A250V
3. DC output:
A. Constant low voltage: 0-20V
a. Output voltage 0-20V adjustable continuously (stable voltage)
b. Output current 0-6A adjustable continuously
(Stable current)
c. The maximum output current >6A
d. Load regulation: ≤ 0.1%
e. Ripple and noise: ≤ 10mVp-p (load: 0-80%)
f. 4-digit indicates the output voltage. Accuracy 0.5%
g. 4-digit indicates the output current: Accuracy 1%
h. Protection: short circuit protection and alarm
B. Continuous high voltage: 0-500V
a. Output voltage: 0-500V adjustable continuously (stable voltage)
b. Output current: 5mA
c. Load regulation: ≤ 0.5%
d. Ripple and noise: ≤ 100mVp-p (load: 0-80%)
e. 4-digit indicates the output voltage. Accuracy 0.5%
f. Protection: current limiting (about 15mA) or short circuit
protection. Sever the output by the secure relay.
C. Symmetrical output voltage: ±5V or ±8V @ ±10%
a. Output voltage: ±5V, ±8V (select by switch) (stable voltage)
b. Output current: ≥ 1A
c. Ripple and noise: ≤ 10mVp-p (load: 0-80%)
d. Protection: output current-limiting and temperature protection.
The output voltage is dissymmetrical or when the circuit shorts
the alarm rings.
4. AC output:
a. output voltage: 2V, 6.3V, 9V, 12V (select by switch)
b. Output current: ≥ 2A
c. Protection: overload and short circuit protection and alarm.
d. Output indicates: LED indicator light indicates the existence of
the voltage in the fan-out.
1.15. Operating ambient:
a. Operating temperature: 0°C -40°C
b. Relative humidity: <RH 80%
c. Air pressure: 86Kpa-104Kpa
6. Size: 315W x 275L x 160H mm (12.6 x 11.0 x 6.4”)
7. Weight: 10Kg
1.2. Controls and description of front-panel, please refer to picture 1
1. Power switch: press the “ | “ to turn on the power supply, and press the “ {” to
turn off the power supply.
2. 0-500V voltmeter: 4-digit indicates 0-500V unit current output voltage.
3. 0-500V output voltage adjustable button: adjust this button to set the output
voltage value.
4. Reset button: when the output current is over rating, the output will be cut off at
once, and then you can press this button to get the output right.
5. 0-500V output negative terminal: Connect the negative terminal of load.
6. 0-500V output positive terminal: Connect the positive terminal of load.
7. 0-6A ammeter: 4-digit indicates 0-6A unit current output current.
8. 0-20V voltmeter: 4-digit indicates 0-20V unit current output voltage.
9. Constant current indicator: indicates unit in the state of constant current and beeps
to alert operator.
10. Stable voltage indicator: indicate 0-20V unit in the state of stable voltage.
11. Output current inching knob.
12. Output current rough knob.
13. Output voltage inching knob.
14. Output voltage rough knob.
15. 0-20V output negative terminal: Connect the negative terminal of load.
16. 0-20V output positive terminal: Connect the positive terminal load.
17. ±5V, ±8V select switch.
18. ±5V or ±8V symmetrical output negative terminal: Connect the negative terminal
of load.
19. ±5V or ±8V symmetrical output positive terminal: Connect the positive terminal
of load.
20. ±5V or ±8V symmetrical output common terminal: Connect the common terminal
of load.
21. AC output voltage select switch.
22. AC output indicator: indicate the existence of the current AC fan-out.
23. AC fan-out
24. AC fan-out
25. Cooling fan.
26. Power supply faucet.
27. Power fuse; when you replace with a new fuse, please notice the specifications,
then refer to the following method.
1. Input voltage: before switching on the power supply, please make sure
that the local electrical supply is the same as the input voltage of this
power supply.
2. Abnormal operation: Do not use your hands or other parts of the body to
touch the fan-out of the DC500V to prevent being hurt
A. The connection between the fan-out and the load must be locked-in, if
not the output terminal may hurt you.
B. The DC ±5V, ±8V and the AC fan-out can not be shorted because the
unit has short-circuit protection. If it were to occur, the unit should be
shut off. To prevent the burning of any internal circuits, do not short the
fan-out connection.
C. There is high voltage inside this unit, please do not open because it can
be very dangerous.
D. Placement: After operating, place the unit in a dry place with good
ventilation and keep it clean.
E. The replacement of the fuse: if the fuse is damaged, try to find the
reason why then replace with the exact style fuse. Turn off the AC input
supply before replacing to ensure safety.
F. Correcting a malfunction: If there is something wrong with the power
supply, contact a professional repair person to fix it. Do not open the
case yourself to avoid further malfunctions and harming yourself.