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Operating Systems
Laurie Ganz
Klye Leahy
Tommy Mendoza
Heather Shriner
Katie Wagner
Operating System
“ an interface between
your computer and the
outside world. ”
organize and control hardware and
software so that the device it lives in
behaves in a flexible but predictable
Operating System Functions
• Translation
• Monitoring the computers
overall performance
• Provides functions
The Evolution of Operating Systems
• No Operating Systems
• Monitors
• Simple Batch Systems
• Multiprogrammed Batch Systems
• Time Sharing Systems
When Operating Systems didn’t Exist
• technological capabilities
• Individual Programs
• One person used the computer at
a time
• “Job Scheduling”
• Libraries 1st procedure
• device drivers
•jumping back to the monitor.
Simple Batch Systems
• Punched Cards
• Input process
• Operating system process
• Output Process
Job Control Language
•JCL was used?
• Identified as JCL or data.
• What program needs to be
run or what data file will be
Multi -Programmed Batch Systems
• Several programs
• Switch from one
user environment to
• Relied on hardware
Time Sharing
• Multiprogramming
• Time Shared
• Multiple users
• A new control
•Widely Accepted and available
•Assurance that products meet agreed
•Three parts to its operating system
•Other Programs
What businesses consider
Available Applications
Department of Child Support Services
• County of San Diego
– Operating System:
• Windows XP Professional
– Factors
• Reliability
Cox Communications
• Large cable, phone, internet, etc. company
– Operating system:
• Windows XP
– Plan to upgrade to Windows 7 once it is proved to be a
reliable Operating System
– Factors:
• Store extremely large amounts of information
• Ease of use for employees
• Cost
Passage Productions
• Film, video, and broadcast production
– Uses a combination of Mac OS and Windows OS
• Offer different applications needed to run their
• Mac uses 64-bit platform, as does many of their
• Use Adobe
– cross-compatible
• Find Mac to be easier to use
• California State University
– Operating System:
• Windows Vista
– Factors:
• Cost
• Ease-of-Use
• Reliability
– CSUSM stresses the importance of up-to-date
Porter’s Five Forces
Trends in OS
Historical trends
User’s Needs
Competition (Macintosh vs. Windows)
Historical Trends
-Manufacturing companies
- Multiprogramming
-1970’s Unix
- Universities/Research Labs
-Graphical User interface
User Needs
• Language
• Types of Users needs:
-Programmer, business,
personal, hacker.
– Visual aids
– Virus Protection
– Malfunctions
Macintosh & Windows
• Personal vs. Business
-Market share
• Visual appeal
• Popularity
• Function/ Ease of use
What does the Future hold?
-New improvements
-New Age in OS