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Nanometeric Photon Imaging by Tip Enhancement Effect
Tip enhancement effect enables nanometeric photon imaging of single molecules and single
carbon nanotubes. Two experiments will be presented. First, by the precision injection of tunneling
electrons by a scanning tunneling microscope (STM), electroluminescence imaging of a porphyrin
molecule with submolecular resolution is achieved. Photon imaging of ring-like pattern with 4-fold
symmetry is further resolved as two orthogonal vibronic transitions after incorporating spectral
selectivity. STM-electroluminescence is through an intramolecular transition from two orthogonal
LUMOs to a HOMO state, which is coupled and enhanced by the localized surface plasmon in the
STM junction.
Second, TERS (tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy) imaging of the individual Raman modes of
CNT is demonstrated with 1.7 nm lateral resolution based on the enhancement and positioning of a
STM tip. Different Raman modes show characteristic distributions in the length scale of a few
nanometers. With superior resolution, we observe beautiful underlying physical chemistry of CNTs,
including diameter effect, local defect, and bundling effect in real space and further distinguish one
of the CNTs as a multiwall CNT.
Time:12/24(Thu.) 13:20-15:10
Place:基礎科學大樓B1 次軒聽 (SC001)
Speaker:陳祺(Chi, Chen) , 中央研究院應科中心
Host:陳煜璋 (Yu-Chang, Chen)