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How to make your marketing messages speak to
your customers
Tip 1 – Find out your Customer’s Needs
You talk to your customers all the time and keep abreast of market drivers
through the media. Work out what the key issues are that currently effect
your customers. Carrying out regular customer reviews and keeping up with
your Business to Business meetings are crucial to make sure you are in touch
with what you customer’s challenges are.
Tip 2 – Link Customer Needs to Useful Marketing Content
Now that you understand what your customers issues and problems are, you
can set about creating content in your marketing that will resonate with
those needs. Don’t forget that this is a stage by stage process and you need
to create a circumstance where a new customer will say ‘that’s interesting,
tell me more’. Your customers will desire specific information about their
circumstances, and eventually, they might have a problem that your
company can solve!
Tip 3 – Market Your Marketing
You need to put your content everywhere that your customers might find it.
Think about how you communicate and gather information and then ensure
your Organisation is promoting itself in similar medium. Also – think of it as
a ‘generational thing’ – but you need to be aware of where a lot of your
younger (but still influential) customers go for their information and to keep
in touch with their Sector. Make sure you are there too!
Tip 4 – Make ‘Helping’ a step in your Marketing strategy
Change is inevitable. A customer’s needs may be different tomorrow than
they are today. In addition, new technologies open doors to new ways of
helping. People change. Technologies change. You have to keep adapting.
Follow these tips, and why not think about creating a great Newsletter with
fabulous images that captures interest and you will be on your way to
developing sustainable relationships with a whole host of new customers.