Download [insert club name] turn pink for breast cancer support

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[insert day], [insert date] 2013
[insert club name] turn pink for breast cancer support
[insert club name] will be seeing pink this Mother’s Day weekend (11–12 May) as players
compete in the fifth annual Pink Sports Day in support of Breast Cancer Network Australia
Pink Sports Day is a chance for sporting clubs right across Australia to show their support
for, and pay tribute to, women and families from their local community who have been
affected by breast cancer.
More than 14,940 Australian women are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer this
year alone. The funds raised through Pink Sports Day are critical to BCNA’s work in ensuring
women diagnosed with breast cancer are provided with the very best information, services
and support possible.
[insert name and role] from [insert club name] urged locals to get behind the club this
Mother’s Day weekend.
“Pink Sports Day is great opportunity for the whole community to head down to the club and
support not just the teams competing on the day, but to support women and families in the
community that have been affected by breast cancer,” [insert name] said. “We hope that
everyone will wear some pink, get involved and show their true colour – pink!”
Pink Sports Day 2013
Join [insert club name] this Mother’s Day weekend, as we ‘sport pink’ to raise funds for
Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) to support Australians affected by breast cancer.
Date: [insert date]
Time: [insert time]
Location: [insert location]
Fundraising Activities: [only if applicable]
For more information about our club’s contribution to Pink Sports Day, please contact: [insert
club representative details].
BCNA CEO Maxine Morand, herself a breast cancer survivor, says Pink Sports Day is a
great way for sporting communities to demonstrate their support not just for women
diagnosed with breast cancer, but for their families and friends too.
“When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer her loved ones go through their own
difficult journey. Getting involved in Pink Sports Day is an opportunity for clubs to support the
friends and family members who support our women,” Maxine said.
More than 900 football and netball clubs took part in the event last year, raising an incredible
$350,000 for BCNA. Ms Morand said the organisation was very excited to welcome all
sporting codes to Pink Sports Day in 2013.
“Currently one third of women diagnosed with breast cancer live outside major cities and
face additional challenges, such as isolation or travelling long distances to receive
treatment,” Ms Morand said.
“The Pink Sports Day campaign is a wonderful way for communities to send a message to
those affected by breast. It says to them you are not alone.”
Breast Cancer Network Australia is the peak national organisation for Australians personally
affected by breast cancer. Visit us at to find out more about our programs
and services.
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For BCNA media enquiries contact:
Thea Cargill
BCNA Media Officer | T: 03 9805 2592 | E: [email protected]