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Home Study-Cardiovascular System & Defense Systems: Bio 260
1. Ms. Sui is claiming that Mr. Thom is the father of her child. Ms. S’s blood type is O
negative. Her baby is A positive. Mr. T’s is typed and found to be B positive. Could
he be the father of her child. Show and explain your results. If not , what blood type
would the father be expected to have?
2. After multiple transfusions a weak transfusion reaction occurs in a patient. Is it likely
to be caused by the ABO antigens? Explain
3. A patient on dialysis has a low RBC count. What hormone, secreted bny the kidney
can be assumed to be deficient? Explain the involvement of the kidney in RBC
4. Mom is pregnant for the first time. Her blood type is Rh negative, her husband is Rh
positive and their first child is determined to be Rh positive. Explain the potential
problems and causes involved in this pregnancy.
a) The first baby is born blue and cyanotic-How can you account for these problems?
b) Assume that the first baby was born pink and healthy. What measures should be
taken to prevent problems during the second pregnancy and why?
5. Draw a normal EKG tracing equivalent to the length of two cardiac cycles.
Use graph paper. Show the following information:
the QRS complex, the P wave, the T wave, the length of one cycle, Choose a normal
length for one second on your tracing. Calculate the heart rate.
6. What is the functional difference between ventricular hypertrophy due to exercise and
hypertrophy due to congestive heart failure?
7. Excessive vagal stimulation can be caused by severe depression. How would this be
reflected in a routine examination?
8. Of the following congenital heart defects-ventricular septal defect, coarctation of the
aorta, and tetralogy of Fallot- which produces mixing of oxygenated and
unoxygenated blood and which increase ventricular work load?
9. A patient is diagnosed with a posterior pituitary tumor that causes hypersecretion of
ADH. Would you expect his blood pressure to be chronically elevated or depressed?
10. Mrs. S has died suddenly after what seemed to be a low grade infection. Blood
cultures reveal that the bacterial infection had spread to the blood. What is this
condition called and why was it fatal. (review shock)
11. Explain why neutrophils are killed in their protective efforts while macrophages are
longer-lived. Why does the neutrophil count increase so rapidly (hours) during an
12. Describe the role of mast cells in the inflammatory reaction.
13. During what period of life does immunocompetence occur? Where? Define terms
14. Differentiate between active and passive immunity and naturally and artificially
acquired immunity. (Define terms) Determine the best explanation for the following:
a) vaccinated for polio b) breast feeding c) immunologic memory
15. Differentiate between primary and secondary immune responses to antigens.
16. Take your pulse right now. If you are considered a average female or male, what is
your C.O. and S.V. Show your work. Can you calculate your EDV? ESV?