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C&G 7303 – Preparing to Teach in
the Lifelong Learning Sector
Teaching Methods
Do you agree with this statement?
Some teaching
methods are bad and
shouldn’t be used.
Learning activities include 3 main
Teaching methods
presentation (teacher in control or
where the tutor predominately transmits ideas,
information or skills.
interaction (shared control or
where knowledge and experience are shared
between the teacher and the learners and/or
amongst the learners themselves.
search (learner in control or learner
where the learners explore and discover for
themselves, either on their own or in small
collaborative groups.
Petty states the following advantages of giving
students more control and responsibility:
•encourages active and deep learning, rather than passive
and superficial learning
•develops self-management and ‘learning to learn’
process skills as well as delivering the learning product.
•discourages learned helplessness and learned dependency encourages the development of self-belief, self-reliance and
•less stressful and more enjoyable for the teacher, who also
gains the students’ respect for treating them with respect
Petty G (1998), Teaching Today, Thornes (page 119)
Categorisation of methods by
‘domains of learning’
Cognitive domain: concerned with knowledge.
Methods might include lectures, small group
work, problem solving tasks, research etc
Psycho motor domain: concerned with skills.
Methods might include demonstration,
individual practice, coaching etc
Affective domain: concerned with attitudes.
Methods might include discussion, case
studies, role play, simulation etc.
Are some teaching methods bad and
shouldn’t be used?
Perhaps we should say:
Some teaching methods are ‘bad’ when used with
some students
Some teaching methods are ‘bad’ for achieving some
learning outcomes
Some teaching methods are ‘bad’ for some subject
areas or domains of learning
Some teaching methods are ‘bad’ when used by some
There’s no bad
teaching methods just
teaching methods used
‘No one method of teaching
adults will suit every occasion. What matters
is to choose a method or methods which best
help adults achieve the task in hand.
Experience indicates that a combination of
methods is likely to be more effective than
any one used singly and that a variety will
help maintain people’s interest and
Daines J, Daines C & Graham B, (1998), Adult
Learning Adult Teaching, University of Nottingham
(page 19)