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Definition Matching Goal: to learn the definitions of key concepts, words, and principles. General Concept: students work in teams to match the word with its definition. Process: •
Break the class into small groups of 4-­‐6 people. •
Hand each group a stack of words and a stack of definitions. •
Each group is given a certain amount of time to match the word with its correct definition. •
Once all the groups have completed the task, ask each group to share their answers to a couple of the words. •
One the teacher has confirmed that all the words were matched correctly with their definitions have each group engage in a short discussion about how the words/principles relate to their own lives, to world affairs, etc. This provides immediate use of the words and helps students retain its definition. Ideal for: verbal-­‐linguistic learners because the activity deals with how we define and use words; visual-­‐spatial learners because each groups is provided with cards that have the words and the definition written on them; interpersonal learners because the activity requires the students to work as a team in deciding which definitions go with which words. Important for peace education because it arms students with words to describe their feelings or better understand complex issues related to conflict. As students expand their vocabulary they enhance their capacity to communicate their feelings, which can alleviate frustration and foster deeper understanding. Modifications: •
Match the definition and word with a visual (thank you Victoria and Nzingah for this idea). •
Encourage students to submit words they come across in their readings that they don’t understand. These words can then be used with this kind of activity throughout the class. •
Have the students use these words in a writing exercise such as a ten-­‐line poem creation.