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Chapter 16 Section 1 Top 10 list
1. Egypt (North Africa) and Mesopotamia (SW
Asia) were the earliest known civilizations.
2. Mesopotamia was located between Tigris and
Euphrates rivers. This region was part of the
Fertile Crescent! (2 test questions)
3. Sumerians invented the wheel and the
4. Mesopotamia’s religion was based on
polytheism. Worship of many gods and
goddesses instead of just one god.
5. The Sumerians used clay tablets to record a
form of writing called cuneiform.
6. Sumerian scribes are believed to have written
the world’s first known story. The story was
called “The Epic of Gilgamesh.”
7. Babylon’s greatest king was Hammurabi.
8. The code of Hammurabi was created and this
was how you were supposed to live your life.
These laws were carved into stone!
9. Nebuchadnezzar was the greatest Chaldean
10. The Phoenicians were known for their
alphabet. This is still found today in Hebrew,
Greek and Latin!
Jr. Scholastic 12/9/2013 (Unstoppable-Malala)
*Read pages 6-8 in the magazine.
Girls- What were you feeling when you read this article?
Boys- Write a summary about the article.
*Answer all 10 questions on page 9!