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Religious Education: The Big Picture for
Year 10
What will I learn in Year 10?
We’ll look at FIVE different topics in the course of the year. First of all we will pick
up from where we left off in Year 9 in that we’ll consider what happened after Jesus’
crucifixion when Jesus rose from the dead and went up to heaven after leaving the
disciples to carry out the task of spreading the ‘gospel’.
Next we look at where the disciples got the power to spread the gospel. How the
Holy Spirit arrived and what were its effects. We will look at how and why early
Christians got together, how they lived together and organised themselves and what
caused the early Christian church to grow.
Next we look at the life of St Patrick and the part he played in the Early Celtic
Church. To give us an insight into St Patrick we will look at examples of his writings
and what others wrote about him. We also visit either Armagh or Downpatrick to see
and understand the impact of St Patrick on these areas.
We go on to look at Islam through studying;
How Islam began;
The life of Muhammad;
The Qur’an;
Where and how Muslims worship;
The five pillars of Islam;
How a persons Islamic beliefs affect their everyday life.