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The Art of Business Theatre
(1 hour with live performance and media)
Seminar Objective
To explore the particular communications and marketing niche of Business Theatre for
Corporate Communications – especially the areas of music, live performance and other
theatrical elements used to convey messages to employees in company meetings.
Topics to Cover
To be discussed and explored in the one-two hour seminar:
- How (and why) Business Theatre is used by companies to convey messages to
employees, including …
- Product and service education
- Sales techniques and tools
- Marketing strategy, info on marketing/advertising campaigns, etc
- Company philosophy and direction –see and meet top executives first hand
- Employee benefits of networking, knowledge sharing, troop “rallying”
- Business Theatre as a unique (and hidden) area of the entertainment
industry (and its opportunity value to creators and writers entering
the field)
- The communications tools used in Business Theatre …
- Writing - speech and dramatic/comedy
- Video production
- Music – video scoring, theme music and custom songs (music & lyrics)
- Acting - theatrical scenes performed by live actors and special
performances by live musicians, singers, dancers and actors
- Design - stage/set design and lighting, direction and choreography,
sound design – and how these support Business Theatre
The Art of Business Theatre seminar will explore the content and style of the
messages created, including audio and video examples – especially custom music and
lyrics, which is Mr. Tierney’s particular specialty in this field. Mr. Tierney will also
demonstrate at the piano the creative process, including performing his own
compositions as examples.
Mr. Tierney has created custom music and lyrics for over 100 corporate meetings and
events – as well as producing many of these, including the hiring of directors/
choreographers, writers, casting, set and costume designers, arrangers, orchestrators,
actors, singers and musicians.
315 Riverside Drive Suite 16A, New York, NY 10025
212-222-3420, fax 212-222-3684, email: [email protected]