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SBC House
Restmore Way
Tel: 020 3648 3196
e-mail: [email protected]
The Lion King
lyceum Theatre
London’s West End
“There is enough jaw dropping
theatrical spectacle in The Lion King to
tickle even the most hardened theatre
critic’s palate. As the procession of
animals makes its way down the aisle at
the beginning or the cast controls a
flight of coloured birds across the
auditorium after the interval, you really
are transported thousands of miles
away from the Strand on a drizzly
London night to the primary
colours and vegetation of
the Africa Savannah.” - The Stage newspaper
Your VIP Package Will Include:
A Three course meal with wine at top
London Restaurant.
A top Theatre Seat.
Hospitality can be arranged at a host of
local top quality restaurants. with
pricing being available on request.
Theatre Programme
Interval drinks
Host/Hostess in attendance.
To book now call 020 3648 3196 or
email us at [email protected].